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I would like to thank the Department of Applied Physics and Astronomy for the constant encouragement. And, to my colleagues and friends who supported me and sticked with me.
Moza Ali AlNaqbi
Proud of my Physics department at UOS and proud of My professors
Noora Abbas Alameri
Our department members were like family members to me. Each time I needed guidance or help they won’t hesitate to help in all aspects. There were no instructor-student boundaries instead they were like our mentors.
Hoda Elgendy
Applied physics is one of the specializations devoid of UAE nationals in spite of its importance as the basis for all sciences. I chose the applied physics program because I love the subject of physics, but also because it is a discipline that is enjoyed by its students because it does not depend on memorizing facts, but rather on comprehension and application. Physics enables the understanding and explanation of a lot of natural phenomena, and many professions depends on physical principles like engineering and medicine. Medical doctors and engineers have to operate instruments that are based on physical principles such as Laser, X-rays, and the proper utilization of these instruments relies on the understanding of the fundamental physical principles. That is why I chose physics. So I could study the basics of science.
​Mariam Khalaf Salim Alzaabi