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Research Publications

Quantum information measures of the Dirichlet and Neumann hyperspherical dots

O. Olendski
The European Physical Journal Plus, April 2021

Abstract: d -dimensional hyperspherical quantum dot with either Dirichlet or Neumann boundary conditions (BCs) allows analytic solution of the Schrödinger equation in position space and the Fourier transform of the corresponding wave function leads to the analytic form of its momentum counterpart too. This paves the here to read complete article

Signature molecular changes in the skeletal muscle of hindlimb unloaded mice

Muhammad Azeem, Rizwan Qaisar, Asima Karim, Anu Ranade, Adel Elmoselhi
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports, March 2021

Abstract: Hind-limb unloaded (HU) mouse is a well-recognized model of muscle atrophy; however, the molecular changes in the skeletal muscle during unloading are poorly characterized. We have used Raman spectroscopy to evaluate the structure and behavior of signature molecules involved in here to read complete article

Pre-sunset L-band Scintillation over Arabian Peninsula

M. M. Shaikh, I. Fernini
ION International Technical Meeting 2021, January 2021

Abstract: In this study, we have reported the presence of L-band (lower and upper) scintillation observed using data from a newly established GNSS station at Sharjah (SHJ1). The GNSS station is situated under the northern crest of the equatorial ionization anomaly (EIA) near Arabian Peninsula at 25.3N and 55.5E. The presence of daytime L-band scintillation is found to be consistent with the appearance of Es. A significant presence of weak, moderate here to read complete article

Comparative analysis of information measures of the Dirichlet and Neumann two‐dimensional quantum dots

O. Olendski
International Quantum Chemistry , September 2020

Abstract: Analytic representation of both position and momentum waveforms of the two‐dimensional (2D) circular quantum dots with the Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions (BCs) allowed an efficient computation in either space of Shannon S, Rényi, and Tsallis T(α) entropies; Onicescu energies O; and Fisher information I. It is shown that a transition to the 2D geometry lifts the 1D degeneracy of the R(α) position components here to read complete article

Hydration model for the OPC-CNT mixture: Theory and experiment

Muhammad Azeem, Muhammad Azhar Saleem
Construction and Building Materials , August 2020

Abstract: The experimental challenges in the application of spectroscopic techniques are resolved by using the theoretical tools. The material systems present in the ordinary Portland cement (OPC) are, for the first time, subjected to the density functional theory (DFT). A hydration model is constructed for the ordinary Portland cement (OPC) paste and its mixture with the carbon nanotubes (CNTs) by using here to read complete article

Origin of Cr in Alluvial and Aeolian Sediments and Ultramafic Rocks in Sultanate of Oman: Magnetic Fractionation and Sunlight Effect

D. Moraetis , A. S. Al-Suhai, B. Pracejus ,  K. Pyrgaki , A. Argyraki , D. Dermatas
Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology , July 2020

Abstract: The changing climatic conditions are imposing a vital re-consideration on the hydro-chemical pathways for contaminants. The circumference Mediterranean countries will be possibly under imminent water stress. The present study attempts to identify the sources and the leaching capacity of Cr(VI) in a coastal alluvial fan and aeolian soil and in a serpentine soil in an area offering an aridity analogue, like Oman. Magnetic here to read complete article

Ground-penetrating radar data diffraction focusing without a velocity model

Nikos Economou, Antonis Vafidis, Maksim Bano, Hamdan Hamdan, and Jose Ortega-Ramirez
Geophysics, May 2020

Abstract: Ground-penetrating Radar (GPR) sections commonly suffer from strong scattered energy and weak reflectors with distorted lateral continuity. This is mainly due to the gradual variation of moisture with depth, dense lateral sampling of common-offset GPR traces (which are considered as zero-offset data), along with the small wavelength here to read complete article

Quaternary Thrusting in the Central Oman Mountains—Novel Observations and Causes: Insights from Optical Stimulate Luminescence Dating and Kinematic Fault Analyses
Daniel Moraetis,Andreas Scharf,Frank Mattern,Kosmas Pavlopoulos, Steven Forman
Geosciences, May 2020

Abstract: For the first time, Quaternary thrusts are documented within the Central Oman Mountains to the northwest of the Jabal Akhdar Dome. Thrusts with a throw of up to 1.1 m displace Quaternary alluvial fan conglomerates. These conglomerates have an Optical Stimulate Luminescence (OSL) age of 159 ± 7.9 ka BP and here to read complete article

​​Rényi and Tsallis entropies of the Dirichlet and Neumann one‐dimensional quantum wells
Oleg Olendski
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, March 2020

Abstract: A comparative analysis of the Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions (BCs) of the one‐dimensional (1D) quantum well extracts similarities and differences of the Rényi R(α) as well as Tsallis T(α) entropies between these two geometries. It is shown, in particular, that for either BC the dependences of the Rényi position here to read complete article

Structural effects of silver-nanoprismdecorated Si nanowires on surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Kais Daoudi, Mounir Gaidi, Hussain Alawadhi, Soumya Columbus, Di Zhang, Anis Allagui, Mohamed Shameer and Aya Taieb
Journal of Nanotehnology, 2020

Abstract: Surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) is an important analytical tool for the optochemical detection of molecules. The enhancement is commonly achieved by engineering (i) novel types and morphologies of plasmonic nanomaterials, and (ii) patterned or roughened here to read complete article

​​​Silver nanoprisms/graphene oxide/silicon nanowires composites for R6G surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy sensor
Kais Daoudi, Mounir Gaidi, Soumya Columbus
Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, 2020

Abstract: In this study, Silver nanoprisms/Graphene Oxide/Silicon nanowires (AgNPr/GO/SiNWs) nanocomposites have been fabricated for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) of Rhodamine 6G (R6G). The SiNWs have been synthesized using the metal-assisted chemical etching here to read complete article

​​Glass-working evidence at Dibba, United Arab Emirates: An archaeometric study
Atta G.Attaelmanan, Eissa Yousif, SabahJasim
Elsevier-Journal of Archaeological Science, April 2020

Abstract: Glass ingots found in an archaeological site discovered at the town of Dibba, United Arab Emirates, were analyzed using X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy in order to establish their elemental composition, and their association to glassware fragments found in the same here to read complete article

Terrace agriculture in a mountainous arid environment – A study of soil quality and regolith provenance: Jabal Akhdar (Oman)
Daniel Moraetis, Sumaya Salim Al Kindi, SaraKalifah Al Saadi, Ahmed Abdul Raoof Ali Al Shaibani, Kosmas Pavlopoulos, Andreas Scharf, Frank Mattern, Michael J.Harrowere Bernhard Pracejus
Geoderma-elsevier, April 2020

Abstract: In the Sultanate of Oman remnants of deteriorating terrace agricultural systems offer important insights into long-term human adaptation in the arid tropics. Irrigation and terrace agriculture in the mountainous Jabal Akhdar region reveal historic agricultural practices in a rugged, high elevation here to read complete article

The Role of Microbial Mats in the Removal of Hexavalent Chromium and Associated Shifts in Their Bacterial Community Composition
Raeid M. M. Abed, Mary Shanti1, Thirumahal Muthukrishnan, Zayana Al-Riyami, Bernhard Pracejus and Daniel Moraetis
Frontiers in Microbiology-frontiers, April 2020

Abstract: Microbial mats are rarely reported for chromium-polluted ecosystems, hence information on their bacterial diversity and role in chromium removal are very scarce. We investigated the role of nine microbial mats, collected from three quarry sumps of chromium mining sites, in the here to read complete article

Role of electrostatic potential energy in carbon nanotube augmented cement paste matrix
MuhammadAzeem, MuhammadAzhar Saleem
Construction and Building Materials-Elsevier, April 2020

Abstract: The empirical data in conjunction with the quantum mechanical calculations show that the strength enhancement in the cement-carbon nanotubes (CNTs) composites is the courtesy of electrostatic potential energy. This is contrary to the general belief that the CNTs form bridges between the here to read complete article

​Enhancement of photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical properties of TiO2 nanotubes sensitized by SILAR - Deposited PbS nanoparticles
A.Hajjaji, S.Jemaiaf, A.Rebhi, K.Trabelsi, M.Gaidi, A.N.Alhazaa, M.A.Al-Gawati, M.A.El Khakani, B.Bessaisa
Science Direct, December 2019

Abstract: The aim of this work is to improve the photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical properties of TiO2 nanotubes (TiO2-NTAs) by sensitizing them with PbS nanoparticles (NPs) prepared by the Successive Ionic Layer Adsorption and Reaction method (SILAR). The Microstructure, surface morphology, phase composition and optical properties of the prepared structure were characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron here to read complete article

Detecting and Mapping Slag Heaps at Ancient Copper Production Sites in Oman
Alexander J. Sivitskis , JosephW. Lehner , Michael J. Harrower , Ioana A. Dumitru ,Paige E. Paulsen , Smiti Nathan , Daniel R. Viete, Suleiman Al-Jabri, Barbara Helwing ,FrancesWiig  , Daniel Moraetis and Bernhard Pracejus
MDPI, December 2019

Abstract: This study presents a new approach for detection and mapping of ancient slag heaps using 16-band multispectral satellite imagery. Understanding the distribution of slag (a byproduct of metal production) is of great importance for understanding how metallurgy shaped long-term economic and political change across the here to read complete article

Microstructure and electrical transport mechanisms of the Ca-doped LaMnO3 films grown on MgO substrate
K. Daoudi, S. El-Helali, Z. Othmen, B.M. Suleiman, T. Tsuchiya
Journal of Materiomics, November 2019

Abstract: La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 (LCMO) thin films have been grown on MgO substrate using the metal organic deposition process. The lattice mismatch between LCMO and MgO is relatively large around 8.14% imposing large inplane- tensile strain and out-of-plane-compressive strain on the film. Hence the structural, here to read complete article

Pulsed-laser-deposited lead sulfide nanoparticles based decoration of porous silicon layer as an effective passivation treatment for multicrystalline silicon
A.Hajjaji, A.Rebhi, I.Ka, K.Trabelsi, M.Gaidi, B.Bessais, M.A.El Khakani
Science Direct, November 2019

Abstract: We report on the use of pulsed laser deposition (PLD) of PbS nanoparticles (PbS-NPs) on porous silicon layers in order to passivate multicrystalline silicon (mc-Si) substrates intended for solar cells applications. The porous silicon (PS) layer was first obtained through the electrochemical anodization of the mc-Si here to read complete article

Study of TiO2 nanotubes decorated with PbS nanoparticles elaborated by pulsed laser deposition: microstructural, optoelectronic and photoelectrochemical properties
A. Hajjaji, S. JemaiK. Trabelsi, A. Kouki, I. Ben Assaker, I. Ka, M. Gaidi, B. Bessais, M. A. El Khakani
Springer Link, November 2019

Abstract: Titanium dioxide nanotube arrays (TiO2 NTAs) have been synthesized using the electrochemical anodization procedure. Lead sulfide nanoparticles (PbS NPs) were deposited on TiO2 NTAs (PbS NPs/TiO2 NTAs) using the pulsed laser deposition (PLD) method. The prepared samples (PbS NPs/TiO2 NTAs) were characterized using scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), here to read complete article

Evaluation of microplastics in beach sediments along the coast of dubai, UAE
Huda Aslam, Tarig Ali, Md Maruf Mortula, Atta G. Attaelmanan
Elsevier, November 2019

Abstract: Microplastic contamination in beach sediments along coast of Dubai is un-documented. In this study, microplastic contamination in beach sediments collected from the wrack lines of 16 beaches in Dubai was evaluated. Five samples were collected from each beach along a 100 m stretch using  a 0.5 m by 0.5 here to read complete article

Manipulating entanglement sudden death in two coupled two-level atoms interacting off-resonance with a radiation field: an exact treatment
Gehad Sadiek, Wiam Al-Drees, and M. Sebaweh Abdallah
Optics Express, November 2019

Abstract:  We study a model of two coupled two-level atoms (qubits) interacting off-resonance (at non-zero detuning) with a single mode radiation field. This system is of special interest in the field of quantum information processing (QIP) and can be realized in electron spin states in quantum dots or Rydberg atoms in optical cavities and superconducting here to read complete article

​Phase transition in thermochromic VO2 coatings grown by ac dual magnetron cathode sputtering
Mohammed Soltani, Souleymane Toubou Bah, Rachid Karmouch, Mounir Gaidi & Réal Vallée
Springer Link, November 2019

Abstract: High quality of thermochromic VO2 coatings were grown onto ITO-coated quartz by thermal oxidation of ac magnetron sputtered vanadium oxide films. The thermochromic properties of VO2 coatings were investigated by means of IR transmittance and Raman scattering measurements as a function of temperature (up to 100 °C). It is here to read complete article

Synthesis and Characterization of SnO2-TiO2 Nanocomposites Photocatalysts
Charfeddine Messaadi, Taher Ghrib, Jalila Jalali, Mondher Ghrib, Alanood Abdullah Alyami, Mounir Gaidi, Miguel Manso Silvan, Hatem Ezzaouia.
Current Nanoscience, October 2019

Abstract:  Background: The photocatalytic activity of SnO2-TiO2 nanocomposites was successfully assessed after synthesis by Sol-Gel method, deposition on porous silicon material and annealing at 400, 600 and 800oC temperatures, with surface grain size in the range between 5 and 12 nm. The photocatalyst was here to read complete article

​Rényi and Tsallis Entropies of the Aharonov–Bohm Ring in Uniform Magnetic Fields
Oleg. Olendski
Entropy-MDPI, October 2019

Abstract:  One-parameter functionals of the Rényi Rr,g(a) and Tsallis Tr,g(a) types are calculated both in the position (subscript r) and momentum (g) spaces for the azimuthally symmetric 2D nanoring that is placed into the combination of the transverse uniform magnetic field B and the Aharonov–Bohm (AB) flux fAB and whose here to read complete article

Postobductional Kinematic Evolution and Geomorphology of a Major Regional Structure—The Semail Gap Fault Zone (Oman Mountains)
A. Scharf  F. Mattern  D. Moraetis  I. Callegari  C. Weidle
AGU-Tectonics, October 2019

Abstract:  The Semail Gap/Semail Gap Fault Zone is one of the most prominent tectonic features in the Oman Mountains and is located between the Jabal Akhdar Dome in the west and the Saih Hatat Dome to the east. The two domes were uplifted during the Late Eocene to Early Miocene. Uplift led to monoclinal bending with a “fold axis” parallel here to read complete article

On the wind accretion model of GX 301-2
Ali Taani, Shigeyuki Karino, Liming Song, Mohammad Mardini, Mashhoor Al-Wardat, Ahmad Abushattal, Awni Khasawneh and Hamid Al-Naimiy
IOP Science, July 2019

Abstract:  We illustrate the evolution of the peculiar behavior of the high mass X-ray binary GX 301-2, through the wind accretion model. We found that the donor of this system has 43 M⨀ and clearly it experienced of a mass exchange. As a result, the low terminal velocity of the wind from donor (1200 km/s), slow rotation and the relatively low luminosity (3.1×1035erg/s), can easily fed the neutron star via the stellar wind with enough accretion matter. This will here to read complete article

Extrasolar Planets in Binary Systems (Statistical Analysis)
A. A. Abushattal, M. A. Al-Wardat, A.A. Taani, A. M. Khassawneh and H. M. Al-Naimiy
IOP-Science, July 2019

Abstract:  During the last decades, searching for extrasolar planets was growing rapidly, and about 3869 exoplanets were discovered using various detection methods. In this work, we present a statistical analysis for these known exoplanets up to date provided by NASA Exoplanet Archive. In addition, we classify them depending on the type of the host stars' type; here to read complete article

The Nucleosynthesis and Reaction Rates of Fluorine 19 (19F) in the Sun
Mohammad K. Mardini, Nidal Ershiadat, Mashhoor A. Al-Wardat, Ali A. Taani, Sergen Ozdemir, Hamid Al-Naimiy, Awni Khasawneh
Astrophysics of Galaxies, April 2019

Abstract:  We investigate the abundance of 19F in the Sun through the nucleosynthesis scenario. In addition, we calculate the rate equations and reaction rates of the nucleosynthesis of 19F at different temperature scale. Other important functions of this nucleosynthesis (nuclear partition function and statistical equilibrium conditions) are also here to read complete article

​Quantitative measure of nitrogen vacancy related effects in SmN and EuN
Muhammad Azeem
IOP-Science, January 2019

Abstract:  Density of charge carriers, introduced due to nitrogen vacancies, is estimated for SmN and EuN thin films. SmN is found to be weakly doped by nitrogen vacancies with an estimated carrier density of the order of 1024−1025 m−3 whereas the EuN thin film is here to read complete article

On the optical energy gap of SmN
Muhammad Azeem
Elsevier, October 2018

Abstract:  The fundamental absorption edge of SmN is measured by the optical reflection and the transmission technique using a FTIR spectrometer. The MgF2 passivated thin films of SmN were grown by thermal evaporation. The optical spectra was collated in the energy range of 0.5 to 5.0 eV, and the optical energy gap is here to read complete article

​Effect of Ni nickel coated porous Si buffers layer on the structural and opto-electronic properties of silicon thin films
Sonia BenSlama, MondherGhrib, BilelKhalfallah, Messaoud Hajji, Mounir Gaidi, HatemEzzaouia
Elsevier, October 2018

Abstract:  In this paper we present an extensive investigation of the effect of Ni metallization on the structural and opto-electronic properties of a dual porous silicon layers elaborated by electrochemical etching. Amorphous silicon thin films were deposited by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition on the metalized porous layer, here to read complete article

Nanostructured SnO2 thin films: effects of porosity and catalytic metals on gas-sensing sensitivity
Mounir Gaidi
Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing, October 2018

Abstract:  In this paper, an overview of structural and sensing properties of undoped and Pt/Pd-doped tin oxide (SnO2) thin films obtained by the aerosol pyrolysis (pyrosol process) is provided. The detection mechanism and the role of the small metal nanoparticles (NPs) in the sensing processes have been discussed in here to read complete article

​​Photoelectrochemical and optical properties tuning of graphene-ZnO nanocomposites
M.Salem, S.Akir, I.Massoudi, Y.Litaiem, M.Gaidi, K.Khirouni
Elsevier, October 2018

Abstract:  Graphene-ZnO (G-ZnO) nanocomposites were synthesized by simple and low cost co-precipitation and spin-coating technique. The graphene concentration has been tuned from 3 to 10 at. %. The microstructure and morphology of the synthesized nanocomposite was studied by X-ray diffraction (XRD), here to read complete article

ZnO and carbon nanocomposites for enhanced photoelectrochemical sensing activity: influence of the carbon content
M. Gaidi, M. Salem, S. Akir, I. Massoudi, T. Ghrib, Y. Litaiem & K. Khirouni
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, August 2018

Abstract:  In this work, carbon and zinc oxide (ZnO:C) nanocomposites were obtained by a hydrothermal reaction process. ZnO nanoparticles were first prepared by a homogeneous coprecipitation method. Nanocomposites with atomic concentrations of carbon ranging from 39.4 to 69.7 wt.% were then attained. The microstructure and morphology here to read complete article

Free carrier density effects on DyN optical spectra
Muhammad Azeem
MedCrave, July 2018

Abstract:  The optical energy gap is a parameter of fundamental importance in semiconductors. However, concentration of free carriers may conceal the true absorption edge. In this paper, we show that the density of the free carriers can affect the onset of the direct absorption. The optical reflectance and transmittance spectra were obtained in the photon energy range of 0.5–5.0 eV thin films of the nitride compound of Dy metal. The films with the greater here to read complete article