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Dr.Mona Rushdi Abdelhafez Hassuneh Academic RankAssociate Professor

Research Interests:

  • Tumor immunology; Role of cytokines in tumor growth and evasion of immune system; Immunotoxicology; Immunoregulation or modulation by natural products; Production of novel anti cancer monoclonal antibodies; Use of novel chemicals and nano-particles in cancer therapy and diagnosis.


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Through teaching immunology or biomedical basic and applied courses, I always try to accomplish the following: 1) to encourage critical thinking; 2) to imprint lifelong learning skills; 3) to help students apply their acquired knowledge to their personal and future careers and 4) to prepare students to function as highly skilled, competent and confident biotechnologists. This is done via the following teaching and assessment methods: classical lecture formats (power point presentations that include slides and movie clips, that are posted on Blackboard); written term papers and case studies; conducting undergraduate research were students apply learnt techniques to examine one of the forefront questions in the relative field of the course; and to preparing poster/oral presentation to be presented at university or national levels.
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