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Department Overview

The Department of Applied Biology is committed to enhancing its standing as a national and international leader in biotechnology education, research and service delivery with an emphasis on serving the needs of the United Arab Emirates.

After successfully completing the Biotechnology program graduates must demonstrate that they have the ability to:

a. Design, conduct experiments, test hypotheses, analyze and interpret data in biotechnology areas

b. Apply knowledge of mathematics and core sciences in biotechnology

c. Identify and solve technical as well as scientific problems in biotechnology

d. Have knowledge of modern laboratory equipment and techniques to conduct experiments to solve contemporary issues in biotechnology

e. Effectively communicate verbally and in writing

f. Apply the techniques, skills, and modern scientific and technical tools necessary for biotechnology practice

g. Understand professional and ethical responsibility related to biotechnology

h. Work individually or in a team to develop effective workplace relationships

i. Formulate or design a scientific process in biotechnology to meet the desired needs

j. Acquire a broad education necessary to understand the impact of biotechnological solutions in a global and societal context

k. Recognize the need for and ability to engage in life-long learning in biotechnology

The undergraduate Biotechnology Program at the University of Sharjah will enable g​raduates to:

1.Prepare for careers in academia, government, industry and health related fields for the benefit of the community

2. Reach levels of technical knowledge and professional gain necessary for career advancement and assume leadership positions in biotechnology profession

3. Pursue scientific inquiry and lifelong learning opportunities that will further their careers and impact on society