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I choose biotechnology because it is a field that i am very passionate about. It is a very broad major with multiple disciplines that range from medical biotechnology to animal and plant biotechnology. The variety of the courses taught by the faculty really helps the students build a strong foundation and helps them get a better understanding in what it is they are most interested in. We were very blessed to have a hard working faculty that was very nice and supportive and yet still pushed us to do our best. In terms of extra-curricular activities, I had the pleasure of being a part of the Biotechnology Scientific Student Society (BSSS) where many formal department events as well as fun playful events are held to bring the biotechnology community closer together. My personal favorite part about the last 4 years was the laboratory classes in which we perform the experiments we studied in class, which helps understand the material better and shows us how its applied in practical. All in all, my experience as an undergraduate was unforgettable, I learned a lot and met incredible people and this experience has prepared me for my post-graduate life on a personal and a professional level.
Rawan Salih Mohamed
Graduate student
Spring 2019-2020
My journey with the Biotechnology department was very inspiring .I am privileged to be a graduate from this amazing department. The faculty members are really excellent and well known in their respective fields. I had an honor be a part of the biotechnology Student's scientific society (BSSS) where we helped present our department in many academic and non-academic events. The courses in the Applied Biology department are very well diverse and most of them have labs with them which helped us link between what we learn in theory and practice it in the lab .In short ,university prepared me well enough for post-graduation studies.
Rania Alshoura-Graduate student
Spring 18_19
Biotechnology was the major I had chosen to study at the University of Sharjah not knowing for certain if I had made the right choice. After spending a few semesters, I was glad that I chose this program from the Applied Biology department. The study plan was well made and easy to follow. A variety of courses were offered within these past 4 years which gave me ample time to know which program I would be interested in to pursue for postgraduate studies in the near future. Also, most of the courses had labs along with lectures which made it better for me to understand concepts and know how to apply them in real life. I am grateful to the whole biotechnology department and the faculty members as they were very motivating and supportive which made my time here in UoS unforgettable.
Maheen Syed
Graduate Student
Spring 2019-2020
My major was Biotechnology (Applied Biology) and I came to University of Sharjah not knowing what to expect, but once I got here and spent a semester or two, I felt that this University became my second home. The Department was so welcoming and helpful in getting me settled in. I consider the doctors in this department to be the best in the university, they are open to new ideas and help you in developing them. They support you and push you towards research and innovation. The labs were good and the lecturers prepared me really well. So when I went for my field training, I was already well prepared to work in the lab professionally. I graduated in four year and while I had my fair share of ups and downs, I had an amazing experience and the University prepared me very well for my professional life as well as personal
Muhammad Abdul Wahab
Master Degree Student\ UoS
Spring 2016-2017
I am very proud of my decision to pursue a B.Sc in Biotechnology at university of Sharjah. This program helped improve my understanding of the core concepts associated with biotechnology and the potential to make our world a better place. The Biotechnology program and UoS encourages students to ask questions and strive towards the unknown with a variety of courses and experienced faculty members to guide them along their endeavor. I have been able to lengthen my pleasant experience by working at the department of applied biology after I graduated as a lab supervisor, planning to complete my master degree in the near future..
Mona Mahfood
Laboratory Supervisor
Class of 2015
I graduated from department of Applied Biology/ Biotechnology program at university of Sharjah. My undergraduate studies gave me the knowledge and skills required for completing my postgraduate master program in forensic sciences at King’s College London, UK. Thanks for the Biotechnology program faculties and all staff..
Salim Obaid Mohamed ALKhayyal
Master Degree Student/UK
Class of 2015
I chose to study Biotechnology at the university of Sharjah due to the exceptional reputation for the biological and medical sciences courses. My four years undergraduate studies were challenging and intense but incredibly rewarding and have exceeded all of my expectations…I am proud of my current position at the university as a lab supervisor and greatly enjoy all the people I work with. This is a great opportunity for me to learn new skills and to establish a career.
​Hussein Mohamed Kannout
Laboratory Supervisor
Class of 2015