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Dean's Welcome

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the new academic year 2023-2024 .

First, I would like to congratulate our new faculty members for joining us.  Our expectations from you are very high and the Deanship of the College of Sciences   is committed to do whatever it takes to help you succeed while enjoying your work among us.

2024 is the first academic year of the ChatGPT era, an era of significant and fast changes induced by major developments of generative AI. Nine of the ten top in-demand jobs in 2023 are all related to computing.  Computational thinking is emerging as a key skill to solve complex problems in an increasingly technology-driven world.  AI fundamentals and tools are getting introduced in the curricula of most disciplines. Multidisciplinary programs are growing, fueled by an enhanced innovation at the boundaries between disciplines.  

These are defining moments in history just as they are for the educational systems in the world. Universities have to be agile enough to meet the needs of a globalized market that is evolving at an unprecedented pace.

It is critical to rethink how and what we teach and the type of research we do.  We will carry out a detailed review of our curriculum and programs and update them to ensure that our graduates  are equipped with cutting edge knowledge and employability skills that give them a competitive edge on the market.

The new strategy of the university aims at building an environment conducive to  excellence and sustainability to serve better our people and community.  Five key words that shall guide our action over the next five coming years.

As you know, according to Times Higher Education agency (THE), our College is ranked first in the country and  the student enrollment has increased at an average rate of 11% since 2019. However, sustaining a leadership position and a steady growth is a quite a challenge. 

We need to enhance our local and global visibility to attract and retain talented students and faculty. We are actively engaged in the UAE cluster including three universities that are collaborating with CERN on the ATLAS international Program. Furthermore, contacts and exchanges are under way to develop a collaboration with ICTP.

Being surrounded by high quality colleagues in the Deanship, and by faculty and staff members of great dedication and commitment in the Departments, I feel honored  and  privileged  to serve  the College of Sciences.

I wish you all a successful academic year. ​


Prof. Nouar Tabet
Dean, College of Sciences