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Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the College of Sciences at the University of Sharjah, the fastest growing university in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the region.

All our programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education and   internationally recognized and we aim at becoming a leading college for excellence in sciences education and research in the region and the world.

Student learning is our main priority. We are committed to equipping our graduates with in-depth knowledge of mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry and biology and the skills needed to remain abreast of rapidly evolving technologies.

The struggle against the climate change and the current world war against COVID-19 illustrate more than ever before, the critical importance of sciences for the preservation of life on our planet.

Scientists have developed tools to see and manipulate atoms and molecules, edit and modify the genome of plants and humans to cure diseases, formulate vaccines and promote desert agriculture. They discovered new materials for energy conversion and storage, developed the quantum computer and laid the mathematical foundations for artificial intelligence and machine learning which are paving the way for the transition to the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Our faculty are actively engaged in all these fields of research.

We strive to ensure that our graduates have a competitive edge in the job market by offering up-to-date programs, organizing internships in local industry and leading international research institutions such as the European Center of Nuclear Research (CERN). 

Maintaining high quality education under the pandemic has been a grand challenge for Higher education institutions worldwide. Thanks to the cutting edge IT infrastructure of the university, we   developed quickly new teaching strategies and methodologies including  hybrid classrooms, virtual laboratories and  simulation based experiments.  Our faculty have excellent research record and teaching experience and are supported by  highly qualified  staff of great dedication. They build the reputation of the college and are behind our success.

Please join the College of Sciences,  a benchmark of excellence. 


Prof. Nouar Tabet
Dean, College of Sciences