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College Overview

The College of Sciences (CoS) was established in 2008 and is comprised of four departments, which offer bachelor of science degrees (B.Sc.) in the following majors: applied physics, petroleum geophysics and remote sensing, chemistry, mathematics, and applied biology. In addition, the CoS offers postgraduate programs (M.Sc.) in chemistry and applied biology, and plans to introduce new postgraduate programs in applied physics and mathematics, and doctoral programs in applied biology and chemistry. 

Over the past twelve years, the college had expanded its activities in all aspects; seven programs were established and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education through CAA, and by international bodies like ABET-Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission (ANSAC).  In addition to excellence in academic activities, the CoS holds impressive achievements in scientific research and community engagement and outreach. Since 2008, the CoS has been increasing the number of its faculty members, staff, students, programs, laboratories and instrumentations.   

The College of Sciences provides essential foundations for the achievement of the strategic goals of the University as it entertains great links with other colleges and institutes in the UoS. 

The college also adopts high standards of academic and research work in various advanced areas of applied and basic sciences, teaching and learning methodologies and innovation.  The CoS continues to spread, disseminate and foster research and knowledge through collaborations with local, regional, and international institutions.

Academic Programs

The College of Sciences is home to four academic departments: Chemistry, Applied Physics, Mathematics, and Applied Biology. In addition to providing academic support to other colleges and specializations, the college offers five undergraduate programs and two master's programs as follows: .

  1. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
  2. Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics
  3. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  4. Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
  5. Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Geosciences and Remote Sensing 
  6. Master of Science in Biotechnology
  7. Master of Science in Chemistry
  8. Master of Sciences in Astronomy and Space Sciences 
  9. Master of Sciences in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
  10. Master of Sciences in Physics 

  11. Master of Sciences in Applied Mathematics