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Chair's Welcome

The Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology (DPPT) in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Sharjah represents one of the foundations for pharmacy education and career development. Since the launch of the College of Pharmacy in 2004, the DPPT has significantly contributed to the college's Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences program and the Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences program by offering core and elective courses and training experience in different areas of pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical technology, and pharmaceutical microbiology.

The DPPT offers a welcoming and diverse multicultural environment that fosters an environment of success and creativity for both our faculty and students and contributes to the achievement of outstanding academic and research performance.

Our mission fully supports the vision and mission of the University of Sharjah in offering our students innovative, challenging, and integrative educational and training experiences designed to meet the needs of the dynamic healthcare environment and contribute to their personal growth and development. Our faculty seeks to prepare our students to perform independently and competently by integrating academic knowledge, practical experiences, and the professional values expected of a pharmacist into the student's training to prepare them to excel at the professional services they will offer over the course of their career in pharmacy. 

Our graduates are competitively hired in various governmental, industrial, and private health institutions. Within the MOH, our graduates are hired in the departments of Pharmacy, Drug, and Licenses & Advertisements. In the pharmaceutical industry, they are regularly hired in the departments of Regulatory Affairs, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, and as well as Pharmaceutical Marketing. In the healthcare industry, they are hired in community and hospital pharmacies.

Our diverse faculty are actively conducting their basic and translational research in different areas including the design, characterization, and development of novel pharmaceutical dosage forms and delivery systems. They adopt cutting-edge techniques for the assessment of drug release and delivery from novel immediate-, fast-, controlled-, and targeted-released systems and nano-systems through the support of our Drug Delivery Research Group. Members of our Drug Delivery Research Group extensively collaborate with other medical research groups within the Research Institute of Medical & Health Sciences that offer state-of-the-art research facilities and core equipment. Students conducting their undergraduate and graduate research projects within the DPPT are highly trained to join academia, research centers, the pharmaceutical industry, as well as advance their education in the most prestigious academic institutions abroad. 

Prof ​​. Mark (Mutasem) Rawas Qalaji

Chairman, Department of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology