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Studying at a prestigious university, like University of Sharjah within the College of Pharmacy, has been an enriching journey. The university provided us with abundant opportunities for learning and personal growth whereby they showed unwavering commitment to academic excellence, fostering a dynamic learning environment that empowers students to achieve their fullest potential. UOS offered many opportunities to prepare us for the job market, ensuring our readiness for diverse pharmaceutical roles by facilitating connections with industries and pharmacies. Throughout this journey, the unwavering support and guidance of our exceptional professors were instrumental. Their constant motivation and impartation of new knowledge fueled our growth. My experience at this university has been nothing short of remarkable, offering many great opportunities for eager learners to thrive and become an integral part of the medical community.
Shahed Alzuraiqi
Graduate of 2023
As a graduate of the University of Sharjah College of Pharmacy, I can confidently say that my experience at this esteemed institution has been nothing short of transformative. The College of Pharmacy not only provided me with a comprehensive education in pharmaceutical sciences but also instilled in me a passion for excellence, innovation, and lifelong learning. The faculty members at the College of Pharmacy are unparalleled in their expertise and dedication to student success. Their guidance, mentorship, and unwavering support empowered me to excel academically, develop critical thinking skills, and pursue opportunities for professional growth.
Duaa Mohamed Suliman
Pharmacist - Emirates Health Services
Graduate of 2023
"Being a UOS pharmacy graduate made me a highly distinguished pharmacist not only among UAE graduates but also among graduates I met from different countries in the world. I was feeling distinguished in terms of pharmaceutical knowledge as well as soft skills when dealing with my patients. The most important skill I have learned from my college is "Empathy". This magical skill made me deal with my patients in more professional and precise way, giving them the best interventions and/or medical advice. As a result, I was competent enough to get promoted to be a store manager for a Grade-A pharmacy, where I began my leadership journey to train more competent pharmacist and future leaders."
Dalya Osama Salah
Senior Pharmacist | Grad-A-Pharmacy Manager | Mentor | Team Leader
Graduate of 2023
The College of Pharmacy provides an excellent education to students considering the distinguished academic environment, faculty and staff. I have a great admiration for the quality of graduates from College of Pharmacy as values of responsibility, quality, excellence and professionalism is observed within each graduate. The graduates from College of pharmacy are invaluable doctors for the healthcare industry and I am privileged to have known and partnered with the exemplary professors and students of College of Pharmacy throughout my career over the last 3 decades. The vision and mission of the college pharmacy is impressive and the professors at College of Pharmacy are very keen to provide the students with practical training and guidance to enable them to achieve a successful career as pharmacy doctors. I would recommend College of Pharmacy to any student that is seeking to obtain the best knowledge, excel in their pharmaceutical career and become an asset for the pharmaceutical industry.
Dr. Magdy Fahmy
I have had the privilege of being the Head of Pharmacy at Saudi German Hospital Dubai for the past 2.5 years, following my 10-year tenure as Head of Pharmacy at the University of Sharjah (December 2010-December 2020). As a former faculty member, I had the honor of delivering lectures to final year students several times. The University of Sharjah's commitment to comprehensive education and practical learning is commendable. The collaboration between the university and our hospital has allowed students to gain invaluable experience. I highly recommend the University of Sharjah to aspiring pharmacy students for its solid academic foundation and nurturing environment.
Dr. Tariq Mansoor
BS Pharmacy, PharmD, BCNSP, RPH. Head of Pharmacy, Saudi German Hospital Dubai, UAE
“A college is a place where pebbles are polished and diamonds dimmed” quoted by - Robert Green Ingersoll.” College of Pharmacy, University of Sharjah in every way is a place where students are well trained in all areas of practice. This is just not in academics alone but also in the way the future pharmacists need to carry themselves. The faculty shows so much of passion in developing each student. For me, being a preceptor to these blooming professionals have been a unique learning experience. The enthusiasm of the interns is also a remarkable feature which is definitely instilled in by their professors.
Anu Augustian
Assistant General Manager, Medcare Hospital & Clinics, Aster DM Group
Completing my bachelor’s degree at the University of Sharjah was an amazing journey. In the beginning I was anxious to fit in the university’s environment, however it faded away quickly with the warm welcome from faculties and different professors, and my classmates and I were able to graduate with honor. During my undergraduate years I had great opportunities to participate in various activities and events which exposed me to different pharmaceutical companies and experts in this field. Meanwhile, we had the chance to join in research projects. It was a challenging journey, however, I believe that it helped me to gain the required skills and knowledge, to learn and grow both academically and personally.
Somayeh Sayar
Being a professional in the Pharma industry and having handled several countries and dealt with many educational institutions, I was really impressed with the level of professionalism, development, and advanced thinking I experienced in my collaboration with the College of Pharmacy at Sharjah University. The college is very advanced in the research area and provides the students with all the needed tools to search and find solutions to many of the current unmet needs. In addition, the College is very keen on partnering with all the relevant stakeholders who can support the students and provide them with practical training and guidance to help them navigate various aspects within the pharmaceutical career, enabling them to achieve a successful career and become an asset for the pharmaceutical industry.
Dr. Sara Bahr
Patient Safety Lead for Gulf, Iran, and Pakistan at Boehringer Ingelheim
The College of Pharmacy at University of Sharjah drives its way to unprecedented success. It is thriving with excellent scholars, who are also decent people. Promising and talented students are equipped to grow and flourish. The college enjoys an infrastructure for the best level of education. Both students and staff are dedicated to the values of responsibility, innovation, collaboration, quality, and professionalism. I was very happy and proud to be part of the 1st International Conference for Pharmacy students
Dr. Mohanad Odeh
Director Pharmacy Management & Pharmaceutical Care Innovation Centre, Hashemite University, Jordan.
I am writing this testimony to express my sincere admiration for the quality of your graduates. Over the years, I have had the privilege of hiring numerous students from your esteemed institution, and the results have been remarkable. These young individuals have consistently displayed exceptional caliber and professionalism, making them invaluable assets to our organization. Moreover, I have also had the pleasure of accepting several interns from your university to join the esteemed Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, and they have performed exceedingly well, exceeding our expectations. I have also had amazing experience partnering with the faculty members for many education initiatives. The University of Sharjah's commitment to academic excellence is evident in the outstanding students it produces. Yours,
Osama Tabbara, R.Ph., BCNSP, EMBA
Founder and President, IVPN-Network Previous Founder & Executive Director of Pharmacy, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.
Zulekha Hospital has always strived to not only provide high quality care to its community but also develop future healthcare professionals by giving high quality education and exposure. In this quest, the pharmacy dept of Zulekha hospital Sharjah has joined hands with Sharjah university to provide hands on medical experience to pharmacy students through their internship program. It was quite an experience of having the students who are not only knowledgeable but also eager to learn and understand how things work in the real world. It was an honor for me to be providing these future pharmacists a guiding light by sharing our experiences and also what to look forward to in future. We hope to continue our association with Sharjah University by providing a helping hand to shape future pharmacists who play a very critical role in the whole healthcare spectrum.
Dr. Nagarajan M Gomathy
Chief Pharmacist, Zulekha Hospital Sharjah, UAE
My five years at Sharjah University's College of Pharmacy were transformative. The dedicated faculty nurtured academic rigor and curiosity. The comprehensive curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities equipped me with a strong foundation in pharmaceutical sciences. Engaging coursework, practical experiences, and research opportunities honed my critical thinking skills. The emphasis on evidence-based practice and ethical conduct prepared me for a successful pharmacy career. The inclusive campus environment fostered lifelong friendships and cherished memories. I am proud to be an alumnus, grateful for the knowledge gained in this exceptional institution. Thank you, Sharjah University's College of Pharmacy, for an unforgettable journey
Sally Sarchanar Jamal
Graduate, 2021
In my five years, there was never a dull moment. It had its highs and lows, as any university experience does, but I can say mine had a lot of highs. A balance of studying and socializing was one of the reasons I was able to achieve my goals, attended and participated in various events, and, most importantly, I met amazing people who had a variety of positive influences on
Jood Hamdoun
Graduate, 2021
The older we get the wiser we are and the more we understand the value of time, education, and quality of people we surround ourselves with. The college of pharmacy in university of Sharjah provided me all three qualities by the end of its journey. The Doctors and Professors were not only teaching us academics but they taught us life lessons that we’ll always be grateful for. The quality of people in this college will give you lifelong friends that will be a family for the rest of your life which is the greatest gift.
Rahaf Alhirsh
Graduate, 2021
To me, Pharmaceutical Researchers are the competent individuals with an attitude that can impact patients’ lives and make a significant change for generations to come. They are the ones holding all knowledge and skill to provide effective, safe, and pharmacoeconomic use of medication, to achieve a definite outcome, and promote the quality of life. This is what I aspire to be. I want to inspire hope to those who need it, to put my utmost effort in being a scientist aiming to understand how to combat diseases which have baffled science; and to become a competent pharmaceutical care provider achieving excellence through research and discovery. This has been my aim and resolution since the beginning of my undergraduate degree. The College of Pharmacy helped direct my ambitions and forge a path for my desire to someday be achieved. In the University of Sharjah, I was able to participate in different research projects in the Sharjah Institute of Medical Research (SIMR), where I was taught the fundamentals of research and technology in the field of targeted drug delivery and oncological therapy. There, I learned how to effectively apply for several research grants and proposals from international pharmaceutical companies such as Boehringer Ingelheim and LABCO Limited. This would not have been possible without learning essential skills through the undergraduate courses – “Listening” and “Communication”. Relaying the project to the community is the keystone for the idea reaching the market. Thus, I immersed myself in oral and poster presentations, in national and international conferences. I was honoured to receive multiple first-place awards which further enhanced my experience in selling my ideas to the public. Social relationships were also of great significance as they nurture more productive and organized teams. Accordingly, I volunteered in multiple events and conferences to enhance my social status, improve my ability to work within a team, and emphasize on helping both the student and the wider community. I found a lot of self-satisfaction from these experiences. However, none have been as rewarding as the trust my professors have portrayed. I was humbled to receive The Student Role Model Award for 2 consecutive years. Their trust and integrity motivated me alongside my relentless passion into attaining the highest marks. This was reflected in my academic standing were I graduated with cGPA of 4.0 earning the title of first class honours and first of the batch of 2019/2020. Today, I hold the dream of becoming a professor entrusted with the skill of inspiring the hearts, enlightening the minds, and holding the hands of future generations. My goal is to specialise in targeted drug delivery, and to pass on my knowledge to succeeding generations, promoting their successful development and growth. I will always hold the College of Pharmacy to heart and soul as nothing I have achieved would have been possible without their continuous motivation and support.
Amer El Sherbini
PhD Student, Manchester University, UK
Graduate 2020
Studying pharmacy at UOS is a unique experience. Friendly learning environment broadens student’s potential to be a leader in their field and motivates them to be creative and a lifelong learner.
Ala Abutaki
Saudi Arabia
Graduate, 2013
The Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Sharjah was a fruitful experience that sparked my interest in biomedical sciences. The bachelor's courses fulfilled my original fondness of chemistry and have built a solid foundation for my current postgraduate studies in neuropharmacology. In parallel, the college embraced the diverse interests of students from clinical and hospital pharmacy, and pharmaceutical industry to marketing of medicines. More importantly, the college maintained a family-like atmosphere where faculty members were not just mere professors but indeed career's advisors throughout college years and thereafter.
Ali Saad
PhD Student, UAE University.
Graduate, 2013
Coming from a completely different environment, I thought my university years will be beyond mediocre. After the experience, If I’ll have to speak as an undergraduate, I learned that each new stage of your life requires you to outgrow places that belonged only to the previous phase. For now, speaking as Berihan, I advise you to make sure you always stand out. Always grind hard to have it all. The grades, manners & social life. You can have it all, believe me.
Berihan Alaa
Graduate, 2021
Colleges are very important and education is a must, but the difference is the staff, from doctors to cafeteria staff, everyone at the University of Sharjah is very friendly and knows how to respect students. In addition, most importantly was my friends who define my trip which they are now a part of my family. We ate, played, Studied and had our breakdowns though exam weeks for 5 years. If time can go back, I will continue to choose the College of Pharmacy at the UoS over and over again.
Omar Abuhaif
Graduate, 2021
During the 5 years of obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I’ve gained knowledge of basic medical sciences as well as advanced medicinal chemistry and clinical practice. Studying at the college of pharmacy, Sharjah University has equipped me and my colleagues to work in diverse settings such as working in community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, research institutes and prestigious pharmaceutical companies. I’ve practiced working in both a community pharmacy and a hospital pharmacy post-graduation before deciding to obtain a master’s degree in public health in the US. I’m currently a second-year student at Rollins school of public health-Emory University, global health department-infectious diseases concentration. I’m also working as a research assistant in the epidemiology department- developing recommendations for sexually transmitted diseases in correctional facilities in collaboration with the CDC. I believe I wouldn’t have reached this position if it wasn’t for the exceptional and extensive training I had at this college.
Zainab Rabeeah
Graduate of 2016
I never had thought during my school study I would join the college of Pharmacy! but it was my destiny and I had never regretted these 5 years which I can define as my best 5 years of my life so far! I had gained my vision over there and I knew which way I shall take as a path for my life! I wanted to be a scientist who can teach students and leave a fingerprint in the sea of science. All of this vision was inspired during my study of pharmacy courses and being encountered with great professors who were pushing me always to think creatively. I graduated in 2016 and traveled to Japan and got my master's degree in 2019. and Now I am taking a new journey to do my PhD in the best university in Japan ( University of Tokyo). I feel I would not have done this without Allah in the first place then with the support of my parents and professors who were really supportive even from abroad and helped me as much as they could when I was an undergraduate and graduate student! I am really grateful and thankful for everyone!
Hanan Alaghawani
PhD University of Tokyo
Graduate of 2016
My name is Sana, a pharmacy graduate from the University of Sharjah (UOS). Throughout the past five years, I definitely learned a lot. Before I entered UOS, everyone was telling me that university life is boring and hard, they said focus on your study and the rest isn’t important. From my experience, I say each one of us has his alphabet with which to create poetry. Of course, it’s something essential to maintain a good academic standing GPA and to be up to date with knowledge but for me, that isn’t enough. The most important thing is to be able to learn from your mistakes, to have the brave to say I don’t know when you don’t and to make your best in order to get the answer. To get out of your comfort zone! each struggle you might face will give you the power to shape your future! It’s okay to fail every now and then as long as you keep on rising up. We all have such a beautiful special quality that makes us different in our way. Don’t try to copy others, become the best version of yourself!
Sana Osama Bader
Master Student - Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Graduate of 2020
These five years felt like fifty, but they were worth it! With all the caring professors along with friendly classmates, you'll get through the challenges that you might stumble upon. The stress during the exam periods, of course, is unforgettable, but those times were the ones that have helped make me who I am today. During the end of my journey in pharmacy and even after graduation, while seeking advice from my professors for graduate education and career opportunities, they were and still are always willing to help with whatever they can. Tuqa Faisal Alkhateeb
Tuqa Faisal Alkhateeb
Graduate of 2015
It's a great pleasure for me to say with pride that I have completed my bachelor of pharmacy at UOS \ Pharmacy college. It has been a wonderful experience I gained throughout my educational life which aided in building my confidence and developing my skills to enjoy a successful career life as a proud pharmacist. Thanks to all of my supportive instructors who were always available and willing to help, and to my colleagues who helped me out in every way. Best wishes Saba'a Al Shehni
Saba'a Al Shehni
Graduate of 2015
When I was in my last year of secondary school, I never thought that my life as a pharmacy student in UOS would be as enjoyable as it was. The college has definitely taught me a lot, not only about how wide and interesting pharmacy field is, but also how I, as an individual, can develop and change. Socializing, traveling, being part of the scientific society and collaborating with the doctors and professors have had a forever-lasting impact. I graduated last year as a proud and confident pharmacist, who loves and believes in her profession and the change it can make to humanity. And I don’t think that I would have ended my college experience that way if it wasn’t for the people who guided me through this five-year journey, my dear doctors that I am always proud of. - If you love what you do, rest assured that you will make it big when it’s your time to shine- That’s my motto"
Tasneem Jaafar Mahjoub
Graduate of 2017
My name is Judy Abdalla and I am a graduate of this college. Five years in the college of pharmacy has taught me a lot of important life lessons and the fact that pharmacy is exactly what I wanted. Even though there were so many struggles to get through; I knew I had people around me to help me. All the condensed courses plus countless exams and we still had time for some fun throughout our years together. These long, intense classes were made survivable with the amazing way the professors explained them. I would like to say thank you to all my professors and colleagues for these five long years; without you, I could not have survived.
Judy Abdalla
Graduate of 2017
"When I started studying Master degree abroad, people were amazed at the amount and the quality of knowledge that I have. College of Pharmacy at the University of Sharjah taught me how to be lifelong learner pharmacist. Spending five years at College of Pharmacy allowed me to be intelligent, innovative and outstanding student and helped me in winning Hamdan Bin Rashid Award for Distinguished Academic Performance, Distinguished University Student"
Noor Kifah Al-Tameemi
MPharm Student at USM
Graduate of 2017