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About TMC

Telemedicine consultations is a community service initiative led by Prof. Qutayba Hamid and Prof Mohammed Al-Hajjaj. The Specialized Medical Center at UoS will primarily provide general medicine services to UAE community.Our vision:

To be the leading free medical consultation provider for non-emergency medical advice, that can be accessed with ease anywhere in the UAE region.

Our mission:
A community initiative providing free access to telemedicine consultation for the general UAE population. 

Our objectives:
  1. Establishing an online platform for patients to attend virtual consultations.
  2. Facilitate patient- doctor communication through convenient booking and follow up sessions.
  3. Easier access for the community to health care consultations.
  4. Avoiding unnecessary contact for mild and follow up cases in specific departments.
  5. Raising awareness about the importance of seeking medical care.
  6. Providing free access for the general community to healthcare.