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Department Overview

The department of Family and Community Medicine and Behavioral Sciences is one of the three cornerstones of the College of Medicine. Our department is dynamic, multifaceted and multidisciplinary. Our teaching, research and community services as well as professional development activities are geared towards building tomorrow doctors who demonstrate compassion, respect and highest ethical principles to patients and their families through introducing them to patient psychology and behavior in addition to medical ethics.

Throughout the curriculum in year 1 to year 5 the principles of prevention and health promotion are deep rooted during our teaching and learning activities starting with principles of  health statistics and epidemiology courses to full year students research projects and Evidence-based Health Care. The college students completed over 100 community based projects over the past six years.

 Our department is oversees all clinical training during the pre clerkship phase; a training program that is using simulation models including standardized patients, mannequins, and videos and learns by doing in the clinical skill labs. All training is done in small groups to enable students to be excellent practitioners and prepare them for the hospital and community practice. 

Finally the department is very active in implementing professional development activities including workshops, symposia and national and international conferences.