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Dr.Suha Al-Naimi Academic RankAssociate Professor


  • Chemical Pathology and Metabolic Medicine

Research Interests:

  • "Adipose-Derived Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine. The Role of the adipokines in Obesity-Related Inflammatory Diseases. The crosstalk and interaction of gut microbiota metabolites on adipose tissue on. The gut barrier function on Colonic Modules."


"Fellow HEA: The Higher Education Academy, UK (2017) RNutr: Registered Nutritionist- Association for Nutrition, UK (2016). PhD: Chemical Pathology & Metabolic Medicine, The University of Liverpool, UK (2008). Member, British Association for Clinical Biochemistry, UK (2006). MRCPath: Member of the Royal Collage of Pathology, UK (2003). MSc: Chemical Pathology & Molecular Biology, The University of Surrey, UK (2002). MB ChB: Medical School, The University of Baghdad (1997). "
1. Course Leader (Associate Professor) for the Nutrition and Human Health Programme,the University of Suffolk, UK.(2017- 2022) 2. Clinical Lecturer and Research Teaching Fellow, at the School of Medicine, Health Policy and Practice, University of East Anglia, UK, (2010-2020). 3. Senior Lecturer in Metabolic Medicine and Clinical Nutrition at the University of Suffolk, UK (2016-2017). 4. Lecturer in Regenerative medicine at the University of Suffolk, UK, (2012-2016). 5. Clinical Lecturer and Associate Teaching Fellow, Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of East Anglia, UK, (2009-2010). 6. Lecturer Health and Social Care, Salford, Preston and Bury University Colleges, UK, (2008- 2009). 7. Clinical Research Scientist, School of Chemistry/Biochemistry, University of Liverpool, UK, (2006-2008). 8. Lecturer Clinical Biochemistry and Human Biology, Chester University Collage, UK, (2003- 2004). 9. Clinical Training, The Royal Infirmary Surrey Hospital, UK, (2001- 2002)
1. The International Asthma, Allergy and COPD conference in Dubai- UAE- (2019) AWARDED a first place poster winner certificate. 2. The Health International Health Conference. –Navarra, Spain- (2018) oral presentations 3. International Conference on food Science and Bioprocess technology- Dubai, UAE- (2017)-Speaker through competition 4. The 3rd NNEdPro International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education and Research. University of Cambridge-UK- (2017)- Speaker through invitation. 5. British Society for Parasitology - Cardiff University, Annual national meeting - UK (2010)-Speaker through invitation. 6. Focus 2009 - The Association of Clinical Biochemistry, Annual national meeting - UK (2009)-Speaker through competition. 7. Focus 2007 - The Association of Clinical Biochemistry, Annual national meeting - UK (2007)-Poster presentation through competition 8. Focus 2006 - The Association of Clinical Biochemistry, Annual national meeting - UK (2006)-Speaker through competition 9. International Congress on Obesity at Sydney, Australia (2006)-Speaker through invitation. 10. ASO Meeting - Association for the Study of Obesity- Adipose Tissue in Inflammation and Metabolism – UK (2006)-Speaker through invitation. 11. Nocturnal responses to repeated meals in simulated shift workers: XVI International Symposium on Night and Shiftwork, Santos, Brazil (2003)-Speaker through invitation.
1. The Higher Education Academy, UK, 2017 2. Association for Nutrition and Nutrition Society, Full Registered Nutritionist, 2016 3. The MA in Higher Education Practice (MA-HEP) a professional development course for early-career academics, 2010 4. Training Programme for Anatomical Professionals (ATP1) in Medicine, 2010 5. PBL Training: The theory and evidence underpinning Problem Based Learning (PBL) in Medicine, 2009 6. Member, British Association for Clinical Biochemistry, 2006 7. City and Guilds 7407: Certificate in Further Education Teaching, 2003 8. General Medical Council (GMC), 2002 9. Research Training: Basic Clinical Research & GCP, Good Clinical Practice Competence course, 2002
1. Examine the efficacy of a novel augmented reality mobile delivery platform (MySpira) for the enhancement of asthma care education for children and to prevent them from being admitted to hospitals. The work was partially supported by the UK government, through the Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership funding program: KTP010440. 2. Obesity as a risk factor for COVID 19 comorbidity and mortality” funded by UKRI. The aim of this project was add to the knowledge in this area, and consequently the dissemination of the result may enhance and encourage local as well as national health promoting initiatives around healthy lifestyle in the population to curb the obesity epidemic. 3. Giardia Lamblia culture methods and handling. During my previous research post as Clinical Research Fellow at the UEA, an East Anglia region expert who managed to establish the new culture technique and manipulation of a new parasite to the labs as well as creating electrophysiological methods to investigate the effects of this parasite on gut intestinal epithelia. 4. The Liverpool Obesity Research Network (LORN). Such collaboration has provided our Life Science Directorate with research materials including 3T3-L1 and inflammatory primers which worth around £10.5k to support my final year students within their research projects and educational work.
1. Nejad L., Al-Naimi S., Rajic A. and Ibrahim F. Probiotics as an additional therapeutic approach in the management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: a systematic review and meta-analysis, Proceedings of the Nutrition Society; (2022), 81 (OCE1), E13. DOI: 2. Bunn C., Al-Naimi S., Rajic A. and Ibrahim F. Obesity as a risk factor for the admission of COVID-19 patients into ICU: a systematic review and meta-analysis, Proceedings of the Nutrition Society; (2022), 81 (OCE1), E23. DOI: 3. Al-Naimi S, Brady P, Andrews T, Ibrahim F, Janes C, Abdel-Maguid M. Examining the Efficacy of a Novel Augmented Reality Mobile Delivery Platform for the Enhancement of Asthma Care Education for Children. iJIM ‒ Vol. 15, No. 07, 2021. 4. Dubourg, Audrey, Al-Naimi, Suha, Bouzid, Maha, Sexton, Darren W, Wastling, Jonathan M, Hunter, Paul R and Tyler, Kevin M (2018) Giardia secretome highlights secreted tenascins as a key component of pathogenesis. GigaScience, 7 (3). pp. 1-13. ISSN 2047-217X. 5. Al-Naimi, Suha, SM Hampton, L, Morgan. Postprandial Metabolic Profiles Following Meals and Snacks Eaten during Simulated Night and Day Shift Work. Chronobiol Int. 2004; 21 (6): 937-47. PMID: 15646240.
1. Does Suffolk know how to eat sustainably? Identifying the level of knowledge and attitudes towards sustainable eating practices, for both personal and environmental health requirements, in the county of Suffolk. (PhD in Nutrition and Human Health) 2. Obesity As A Form Of Self-Harm: A Mixed Methods Approach. This research study aims to discover whether a proposal for the inclusion of obesity as a form of self-harm can be offered. By doing so, this will also provide further contribution to the understanding and knowledge of both obesity and self-harm, resulting in potential treatment and preventable measures for the future. With such recognition, this may also be beneficial in demonstrating the importance of unique motivations for a behaviour, leading to a person-centred focus in treatment, rather than administration of a typical system that follows the same procedure for all individuals. 3. The role of Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals in obesity induced inflammation. The aim of this research is to find out how the Moxonidine will affect the pro-inflammation and anti-inflammation markers of the adipose tissue. This will provide an indication as to whether targeting obesity induced inflammation directly is the best approach to reduce the risk of insulin resistance and various consequences of the current obesity epidemics to reduce the risks of chronic diseases such as the cardiovascular diseases. 4. The adipose derived stem cells for use in regenerative medicine. (MSc in Regenerative Medicine)
1. International Conference on food Science and Bioprocess technology- Dubai, UAE- (2017) 2. The 3rd NNEdPro International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education and Research. University of Cambridge-UK- (2017) 3. Bio-Research Colloquium- University of East Anglia, UK (2010). 4. British Society for Parasitology, Annual national meeting - Cardiff University, UK (2010). 5. The data from the PhD project was selected in the International Congress on Obesity at Sydney Australia. 6. Received a commendation letter at the postgraduate student poster day from the University of Liverpool. 7. Awarded for the best poster presentation in the Department of clinical Biochemistry at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. 8. Certificate from Basic Clinical Research & GCP (Good Clinical Practice) Competence course. 9. The NW ACB Ian Ward Meeting held in the Royal Preston Hospital.
A Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and was nominated by the students for the most engaging lecturer of the year. Known for using teaching aids in the class room and turning my lectures into interactive workshop style sessions where practical and theory come together. Highly experienced in problem based learning and adopted an inter-professional learning approach to the curricula. This has been well received by students as evident by their feedback and achievements. Throughout my career in teaching I was able to engage with my students in a professional manner. Once I established those connections, I started identifying learners’ needs followed setting scheme of work and lessons’ plans then adopting the most appropriate technique to deliver the subject to be taught. I have had many opportunities to design, plan and modify learning activities and programs of study for different cohorts of students. Over the years, I have been responsible for designing, implementing and preparing students for a diverse range of assessment types, both formative and summative. These have included written exams, oral exams, take-away assignments and written and oral course work.
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