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King's College Hospital

Dr Amr El Zawahry

Dr Amr El Zawahry has received his M.B.BCH and MD from Faculty of Medicine of Ain Shams University -Egypt- specialising in Neonatology, Genetic and Paediatric in 1991. Dr Amr El-Zawahry is senior consultant paediatric critical care, child asthma and allergy in Egypt as well Dr Amr is covering gastroenterology critical care cases. . He is also Assistant Professor in paediatric of Sharjah University, lecturing medical students. He also has a Masters Diploma in Post-graduation Medical Education-Kell university -UK. He conducted many clinical auditing in Gastroenterology, Respiratory, and Asthmatics in infant and child. Dr Amr led and organised several medical symposiums on Governmental Hospitals level in UAE and He is one of the main speakers in many regional Paediatric Conferences. Dr Amr has 29 years experience in paediatric field. since December 2018, he assigns as a head of paediatric department in king’s college hospital London – Dubai
Dr Amr graduated from Egypt , He worked first in Ain shams University  sine 1991 then he started teaching carrier with Sohar University in Oman as lecturer and working as Specialist in Sohar hospital for 4 years till 2003 then senior specialist in Latifa  hospital Dubai since 2003  with covering Inpatient, Outpatient, Paediatric Emergency and Paediatric intensive care unit. In 2014 He worked in Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital as a Consultant Paediatrician till 2018 under the Ministry of Presidential Affairs. He  is also senior consultant in ministry of health – Cairo Egypt .since 2018 till now he join king college hospital london dubai as head of pediatric 
Dr Amr was a Co-director of Dubai Paediatric Residency Program with best excellence in teaching during the program. Dr El Zawahry is also responsible for the Nurse Education Program and Dubai School health Project. The main concern is to have AHA training centre for any big health institution as he is regional training faculty in American heart association. As he is an instructor in PALS, PEARS, ACLS,  BLS and NRP. Dr El Zawahry is also Consultant Clinical Educator in Dubai health care city and a Director of Simulation Centre .
Dr Amr is caring about his patients, especially critical care service (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit), mostly Dr Amr is covering Respiratory, Asthma and Allergy clinic. He also likes to personalise the relationship between the patient and the doctor.