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Al Dhaid Hospital

Dr. Ahmad Alebrahem Almalaty

Dr. Ahmad Alebrahem Almalaty is a Paediatric specialist in Al Dhaid Hospital. He holds the Syrian board of pediatric and passed step 2 exam of Arab board general Pediatrics. Dr. Ahmad has 8 years of experience in the pediatric field and is involved in patient care in outpatient, in-patient and NICU care. He is competent in performing many procedures such as Lumbar punctures, percutaneous catheterization, etc. He also is interested in attending seminars and conferences here in UAE and in Syria.

Dr.Heba Alfalah

Dr.Heba Alfalah is a GP in pediatrics working in Al Dhaid Hospital since 2 years, she has experience in pediatric field for over 9 years. She has acquired her MBBS from Syria, and has a Masters Certificate in Neonatal Medicine.

Dr Mostafa Ahmed 

Dr Mostafa Ahmed is a specialist A pediatric and neonatologist in Al Dhaid Hospital, Sharjah, UAE. He has extensive experience in neonatal high-risk cases as well as in pediatric intensive care with special interest in Pediatric endocrinology & diabetology. Dr Mostafa has worked in different countries- Oman (Sohar Hospital, PICU and NICU), various African countries (Mozambique, Swaziland - now Eswatini -, and Namibia) and Egypt (University Hospital, Alexandria, where he received my B.Sc of Medicine and Master degree in Pediatrics).
He worked for Sohar Medical College as an adjunct clinical faculty member. Currently he is an adjunct clinical faculty member of Medical College of UOS.  He’s been an NLS instructor for the European Resuscitation Council for the last three years where he has conducted more than 10 courses.

Dr Nasser Bashir

Dr Nasser Bashir is a senior paediatrician, neonatologist, neonatal life support instructor and lactation consultant. Currently working as a specialist paediatrician at Al Dhaid hospital. He has over 20 yrs of experience in the field, His clinical experience spans over several countries   including India, Saudi Arabia, Oman & UAE. He has completed his medical training and paediatric specialisation from well reputed and prestigious institutions in India and United Kingdom. Dr. Nasser Bashir is also a certified BLS and PALS provider and an NLS instructor. He is a frequent presenter at conferences and workshops.