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American Hospital Dubai

Dr Anushuya Devi Kasi

Dr Anushuya Devi Kasi is a  consultant obstetrician ,gynecologist, laparoscopic surgeon, uro-gynecologist and a medical educator with 25 years of experience.  Currently she is working as a consultant obstetrician and uro-gynecologist in Dubai.
She is an experienced minimal access surgeon with interest in urogynecology (Female incontinence and prolapse ), female neuro-urology and gynecology.  She also has special interest in perineal tears, childbirth injuries and endovaginal ultrasound. She has extensive surgical and academic experiences over several countries including UK, Canada, Dubai and India.  She has experience in research and published various articles in International Journals and presented in various international conferences. She has conducted perineal tear workshops, workshops on Bulkamid injections for female stress urinary incontinence and CTG training courses.