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Resources & Facilities

The mission of the College of Medicine is to provide the education of medical students and medical professionals through the creation of a scholarly environment that fosters excellence in the lifelong goals of education, research activity and compassionate patient care. The College of Medicine strives for national and international prominence by differentiating itself through excellence, in the full spectrum of medical education at the undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development levels. The medical students are provided innovative educational opportunities, preparing them to successfully pursue postgraduate training and continuous professional development.

The College of Medicine is equipped with modern teaching and learning facilities, labs and museum, an electronic assessment platform, and e-portfolios supervised by expert academia. The accredited MBBS program follows an outcome-based theme that is integrated horizontally where the basic medical sciences are integrated vertically. The basic and clinical sciences curricula are blended together. The common major health and clinical problems are studied in the pre-clerkship phase and this health problem will be revised with more depth and breadth during clerkship phase.