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Student Associations

Students at the College of Medicine are actively engaged in several extracurricular activities at the university, national, and international levels. At the College of Medicine, we have several active students' societies and scientific clubs. The following are examples of these activities:


Student Representatives in the College of Medicine Committees:

There are two representatives from the student body (one from the Clinical Years and one from the Pre-Clinical Years) in each of the following College Committees:

·         College Council

·         Curriculum

·         Research

·         Student Assessment

·         Student Advising & Welfare 

·         Medical Education

These students are invited to the monthly meetings and encouraged to participate and speak on behalf of the student body, conduct small surveys among their peers and report back to the committee, however they do not have a voting right in the committee.

Additionally, there is a student representative from each of the year groups 1-5, who all report back to the Student Affairs Committee on any issues or concerns arising from their batch. They also communicate regularly with their respective Unit and Year Coordinators and serve as a link between the faculty and the students in that particular batch.