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Welcome to this very important phase of your MBBS program. The clinical clerkship is a course of training in a specialty (e.g. medicine, surgery, pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology) and in their sub-specialty. Clerkship in each specialty will last 10 weeks and will take place during the fourth and fifth years of medical school. You will be introduced to clinical medicine. By the end of this clerkship, you will be required to develop the skills and knowledge needed to take an accurate history, conduct physical examination, and formulate an appropriate differential diagnosis using critical thinking skills.  It will also introduce you to the principles of developing a management/treatment plan for various diagnoses by developing your analyzing and problem-solving techniques. The Department of Clinical Sciences will support you to develop personal and professional skills to enhance deep learning.  

The program will be carried out in specific hospitals around The Emirates. The co-coordinators from these hospitals in collaboration with the College of Medicine have worked in tailoring this program to enable you to grow knowledge and understand the science and art of Medicine. Above all, we want you to successfully complete the program with a passion for learning the various aspects of modern medicine, a love of life-long learning, and the confidence to go on acquiring the clinical knowledge and skills that you will use for the rest of your life.

The staff of the participating hospitals that are committed to pass on their knowledge supports your clinical program overwhelmingly. During the clerkship program you will meet a large number of hospital staff that will endeavor to encapsulate the critical knowledge in the specialty for your benefit. The ultimate goal of the program is to encourage the students to take an active role as members of the health care team, to formulate and be responsible for patient management, to learn to work effectively with other members of the health care team and to develop skills as professionals.


All the best!