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Medical Students Research Program (MSRP)


Medical Students Research Subcommittee (MSRS) College of Medicine, University of Sharjah has been established in 2020/2021 to support medical student research activities. The main body consists of the head, 5 faculty members and 2 students' representatives. The main body will work in collaboration with the MSA-Scientific committee and act as a support to the Medical Student Research Program. As for the student representatives, one student represents the pre-clinical students and the other one represents the clinical students, and they will act as a link between the MSA and the faculty.  


This subcommittee is responsible for various activities to empower the students in the fields of the skills of basic and clinical medical research. The Medical Students Research Subcommittee (MSRS) attempts to support and provide the appropriate environment and platform for the activities of faculty members and our medical students who are interested in biomedical research. In addition, along with the MSA-Scientific committee, the subcommittee will attempt to organize the different varieties of students' research activities. It is also responsible for policy-making and monitoring goals and functions between the student and the faculty member supervising the research. Accordingly, the main missions include: supporting students' research activities and empowering students for conducting efficient medical scientific research. 


The main aims of the subcommittee are: 
1) Create a suitable platform for targeting mainly the scientific relationship between the faculty members and students 
2) Disseminate the research activities among students 
3) Empower students in the field of research through various methods of theoretical and practical education 
4) Organize activities that encourages the students to display their research 


The main mission is to educate the student on how to carry out basic or clinical research study. The main activities can be summarized as follows: 
1) Organizing research training workshops on various research activities such as conducting study design, writing a proposal, finalizing the research for publication 
2) Holding series of Journal Clubs 
3) Supporting research projects including identifying funding resources for student research 
4) Organize seminars and student research conferences 


  1. Dr. Mohamed Saleh (Chair)
  2. Dr. Jibran Sualeh Muhammad (Co-chair)
  3. Prof. Rifat Hamoudi
  4. Dr. Noha Mousa
  5. Dr. Hiba Barqawi
  6. Student: Moh'd Ghaith M.E. M.Z. Al-Wawi (Clinical Students Representative)
  7. Student: Obada M.I M.Z Al-Wawi (Pre-clinical Students Representative)
  8. Student: Abdul Rahman Mhd Iyad Al Midani (MSA)
  9. Student: Ahmad Alli Al Shouraa (MSA)  ​