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Medical Students Research Program (MSRP)

​The Medical Students' Research Program (MSRP) aims to support and educate medical students interested in doing research during their early academic years. The program's main aim is to bridge the gap between students and supervisors by providing the students with the tools to initiate their research projects and carry them forward until the publication stage, thus resulting in a highly productive and efficient research environment.

 Research is a priority in the Medical College in the University of Sharjah. Students are consistently encouraged to participate in research by integrating it in the learning outcomes and the training objectives. With this program, we aim to take the next step by providing an effective way of matching the student's research capabilities to the supervisor's research opportunities.

The MSRP matches students with research projects according to complex blinded objective criteria that evaluates the student's abilities, interests and previous experience. The students are assigned to research teams with a single supervisor, and are followed, monitored and peer-advised directly by the program's directors.

The program ensures the improvement of the student's research skills and maintaining constant progress by performing regular follow up meetings in which the student's development in his\her field of research is evaluated. The program's ultimate goal is to produce students that are capable to come up with creative research ideas, work through the research process systematically and produce outcomes that are recognized internationally.

The MSRP is a student-based program; Designed, implemented and managed by students from the College of Medicine under direct supervision from the Research Committee and Prof. Qutayba Hamed, Vice Chancellor of the University of Sharjah. The sole purpose of the program is to give every student the chance to excel in their area of interest, giving back to the scientific community and meaningfully contributing to the scientific literature.

Mohammad Bakri Hammami

Founder and Chief Director of the MSRP

Student Research Representative, College of Medicine, University of Sharjah.

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MSRP General Plan: