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Medical Student Association (MSA)

The Medical Student Association (MSA) was founded in 2013 to foster extracurricular activities among medical students in an organized and structured approach under the supervision, guidance and mentorship of the Student Affairs Chairs and in adherence to university of Sharjah bylaws. It aims to improve student life at the College of Medicine; an association by the students, for the students. MSA offers a platform that provides students with academic and extracurricular opportunities that will help them express themselves, enhance their skills, improve their communication, and most importantly provide an outlet, deflecting from mental burnout and stress. Through this association, students are able to display their talents and abilities in a constructive and innovative manner. 


To provide a platform that embraces the various academic and extracurricular interests of medical students, while simultaneously allowing students to cope with the stress of being students in the medical field.


  • Give the students a chance to creatively express themselves and their opinions.
  • Release students from the confined circle of day to day lectures by organizing and participating in events and activities.
  • Give students the opportunity to share and improve on their knowledge, attitudes and skills.
  • Provide and maintain a solid link between students and faculty members, and develop interpersonal relationships among students of different batches.
  • Create an outlet for students to actively and enthusiastically contribute to their local environment and society as a whole.


MSA is one of the biggest associations in the university, involved in various activities such as scientific, social and community events. There are three committees under the MSA that handle most events in the College of Medicine; Scientific, Community and Social Committees. There is also a Creative Team that liaises with each of the committees to ensure creativity and innovation for their upcoming events. MSA offers students the opportunity to be members of these committees. Each committee will submit a list of proposed events to the President of the association, who will in turn seek approval for the semester's activities from the College Student Affairs Committee. There is an allocated budget for the MSA from the college, and it is the Board's responsibility to ensure they organize and plan ahead for the entire academic year.