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Distance Learning Studio Policy


Distance Learning Studio at College of Medicine, University of Sharjah is created under the visionary directive of Prof. Qutayba Hamid Vice Chancellor, Medical Colleges and Health Sciences, Dean of the College of Medicine, University of Sharjah. This vision was carried forward by Prof. Salman Guraya, Vice Dean College of Medicine along with a dedicated team.

The studio provides technical support to the faculty of College of Medicine to enhance their distance teaching skills and competence. The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as digital cameras and lightings, audio/visual setup, live streaming of lectures and workshops, recordings of resource sessions and post-recording editing facilities for faculty to take distance learning to the next step.



Room number 161, College of Medicine Building, M27, University of Sharjah



·         Distance learning studio offers services for the faculty and all instructors of the College of Medicine.

·         All staff from all departments of the College of Medicine are entitled to book and utilize the services provided by the studio.

·         The distance learning studio will be only available for recording resource and practical sessions and/or live sessions, media coverage for any kind of events/committee, meetings/student and  activities/seminars etc.

·         Taking photos for social and non-academic purposes are prohibited. The videos recorded by the distance learning studio are sole property of the College of Medicine, University of Sharjah.

·         No faculty is allowed to record private lectures.



The distance learning studio will offer the following services:

·         Live sessions (via blackboard, zoom, MS Teams)

·         Recorded sessions

·         On-demand recordings outside studio

·         Post recording editing



Distance learning studio booking will be available at the College of Medicine website where the faculty can arrange online bookings.

Following should be kept in mind before arranging online booking:

·         Use the following link for online booking at the distance learning studio.

·         All bookings should be done one week prior to the proposed session.

·         The faculty should carefully choose the services offered by the studio at the time of online booking.

·         Please visit the studio before planning for the session, to get an idea of the setup related to your session.

·         In case you need to bring items to the studio (e.g. mannequins), please arrange from your side, two days prior to the booking date.


a.      Live Session Policy

ü  For live sessions, technical assistance will be provided in setting up the cameras, lights, microphone and making sure that the students are able to listen and watch the presenter.

ü  The studio will not support technical issues related to Blackboard, MS Teams or Zoom.

ü  The duration of live sessions per instructor should not exceed two hours per day.


b.      Recording in Studio Policy

ü  For the recorded sessions inside the studio, the faculty has to brief the technical staff in detail about his/her expectations prior to the start of recording.

ü  Our technical assistant will do basic editing of the session within two working days.


c.       Recording Outside Studio Policy

ü  For all recordings outside the studio, the faculty has to clearly brief the technical assistant about the nature of the job. The faculty has to mention as how many presenters/patient etc. will be the part of the video recording.


d.      Post Recording Editing Policy

ü  The technical assistant will do the editing of the recordings and submit to the faculty within two days from the date of recording. The faculty has to provide any specific details that they would like to add in the recording. We will share the video in Hi-Res files (1080p)



·         Prof. Salman Guraya – Head of Distance Learning Studio

·         Dr. Jibran Sualeh Muhammad – Technical Advisor

·         Muhammad Hasan Ashraf – Technical Assistant

·         Maria Apellana – Support Assistant