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Community - Based Research

Community-Based Research (CBR) is one of the main activities that help medical students to acquire several outcome competences of the medical program. They “Learn research by doing research". Throughout this course, students are introduced to principles of research methodology and biostatistics and, just in parallel to acquiring theoretical concepts, apply these principles while they undertake, over a period of three semesters, a complete research study. This course helps to form the basis for students’ understanding and appreciation of the importance of research in understanding, maintaining and enhancing health of the individual and community at large.  Students are assigned to work in small groups and, through proper supervision, they research a health problem derived from the UAE community. Focusing on the population health allows students to understand the wide scope and complexity of community and population health maintenance, promotion and prevention. Students develop skills in communicating their research work orally, visually, and in written form to fellow students, research supervisors and faculty members at the College. CBR, plus other research related activities, puts the students on the road to be scholars; and to be able to conduct and practice scholarly activities.

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