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Prof.Sam Sulaiman Dalla Legal Consultant/Advisor to the University Academic RankProfessor


  • Public Law: Constitutional law / Administrative law

Research Interests:

  • Control over the Constitutionality of Laws, Legitimacy, Human Rights, Public Office, Administrative Decisions, Good Governance, Administrative Contracts.


- Ph.D.: Protection of the Rights of Individuals through the Abolition Case, University of Nantes, France, 1997 - Master: The role of the State Council as a guarantor of liberties, University of Nantes, France, 1994. - BA: Law - Aleppo University, 1987.
- Dean of the Faculty of Law - University of Aleppo - Dean of the National Institute of Public Administration - Damascus - Dean of the Higher Institute of Business Administration - Damascus - Professor of the Faculty of Law - University of Sharjah - Legal Advisor to the University of Sharjah
- Lawyer in Damascus-Syria - Former Chairman of the Board of Directors of a public bank - Syria - Former Commissioner of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority - Syria. - Member of the Board of Directors of several governmental institutions - Syria.
- Member of the Higher Education Council - Syria - Chairman of the Administrative Reform Committee - Syria - Member of the Constitution Drafting Committee - Syria - Member of many committees - University of Sharjah
- Legal controls to strengthen the relationship between management and citizen - Modern legal techniques for public-private partnership
- Problem of the criteria of the administrative contract, Aleppo University Research Journal, 2003. - "Western Democracy and Islamic Consultation", Journal of Law, College of Law, Bahrain, 2004. - From the rule of law to good governance: integration in the foundations, mechanisms and goal, "Journal of Legal and Economic Sciences - Damascus University, 2014 - The extent of constitutional protection of public utilities, Journal of Sharia and Law - United Arab Emirates University, 2014 - Caretaker Government “From Political Concept to Legal Briefing”, Journal of Sharia and Law - United Arab Emirates University, 2014
Supervision of many (scores) between Ph.D. and Master's theses in universities (Aleppo, Damascus, Nantes, Sharjah)
- Order of the Academic Palme d'Honneur, Order of the French Prime Minister 2008 - Scientific Research Award - University of Sharjah 2016
I believe that the relationship between the teacher and the student at the university level should be built on an interactive basis. In other words, the role of the teacher should not be to provide knowledge only and the role of the student should be limited to receiving knowledge. Education in general, and university in particular, in the light of the flow of a vast amount of knowledge and the speed of change, obsolescence and diversity of sources, has become, in addition to the introduction of the knowledge, on the basis of two basic interactive: teaching students how to access the knowledge and skills needed. Teach the student how to employ this knowledge and skills in the field in which he will work.
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