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Prof.Saleh Al-Luhaibi Chair Academic RankProfessor


  • Civil Law

Research Interests:

  • Civil Transactions Law, Comparative Studies


All degrees are Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees from the Faculty of Law - University of Mosul - Iraq
Professor of Civil Law - College of Law - University of Sharjah Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies for the years 2015 to the year 2017.
Worked in law for more than 10 years, a member of the Teachers Syndicate in Iraq, and a member of the Union of Jurists in the UAE
1 - Chairman of the Committee of Grievances faculty members of the University of Sharjah for the year 2014-2015. 2 - Member of the Academic Advisory Board of the University of Sharjah for the year 2014-2015 and the year 2019-2020. 3- Member of Emirates Lawyers and Legal Association 2017. 4. Member of the Iraqi Bar Association since 1996-2001.
The Nodal Structure of Banking Murabaha - A Study in UAE Legislation Research in English, published in the British Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 1 July 2017, Vol. 17
1- Provisions of the UAE Evidence Law, a systematic book taught at the Faculty of Law, Ajman University. Ragheed Fattal, published in Arab Renaissance House, 2017. 2 - provisions in kind insurance - a study in the UAE Civil Transactions Law, a joint book with Dr. Adnan Ibrahim Sarhan, as it is a systematic book, the University of Sharjah took over the printing and distributed to students 2019. 3 - Research in English acceptable for publication in the Journal of Legal Sciences, issued by the University of Baghdad - College of Law before the publication on 18-1-2018, the approach of the law of civil transactions in the UAE harmful act, an analytical study compared to Islamic jurisprudence Transactions Law The Methodology of UAE Civil Concerning Tort: An Analytical Comparative 4- Contractual Structure of Banking Cost-Plus Financing “Murabaha" Research in Emirati Legislation. The Contractual Structure of Murabaha Banking - A Study in UAE Legislation British Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 1 July 2017, Vol. 17 5 - Privacy of the sale of real estate on the map, research vaulted for publication in the Journal of Law and Economics, issued by the Faculty of Law, Cairo University, 2017.
- Supervised about 10 master's theses and 5 doctoral theses, except for contributing to discussing dozens of theses and doctoral theses.
published many articles in newspapers and legal fields, as well as teaches students in courts to combine the academic and practical side, and is a member of the Emirates Jurists Association
Teaching is an art and a message. The course teacher is not his role to repeat the information in the book, but above all Is to love the student to the course and to build a respectful relationship between him and the student and accepted by the student to him Then comes the stage of giving information to the student in a smooth and useful and without complexity, When the professor reaches this stage, he can convey the mission of teaching him to build a cohesive society and push the students towards building their homeland and contributing to the march of life. A teacher of any stage must teach his students above all patience and perseverance.
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