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Prof.Ahmad Farah Vice Dean of College of Law Academic RankProfessor


  • Commercial Law

Research Interests:

  • Company Law, Banking and Financial Operations, Electronic Commerce, Commercial Arbitration, International Business Law, Islamic Finance


2001-2004 Ph.D. in Commercial Law, Strasbourg University- France Title of Thesis: "Settlement of E-Disputes by Online Arbitration". Distinction degree with a recommendation for thesis’ publication. (Length of qualification: Minimum three years) 2011-2012 Post Graduate Diploma, International Business Law, Liverpool University, Liverpool, UK. (Length of qualification: One Year). 2000-2001 Master in Private Law, Strasbourg University- France Title of Thesis: "The Assignment of Contractual Obligations under the French Law". Average: Graduated third in class. (Length of qualification: Minimum one year) 1998-2000 Advanced Diploma in French Language, Strasbourg University- France. (Length of qualification: not fixed) 1993-1997 Bachelor Degree in Law, Yarmouk University- Jordan. Average: Very Good. (Length of qualification: four years)
- 2016- Present Associate Professor of Commercial Law at Faculty of Law, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab of Emirates, - 2013- 2015 Assistant Professor of Commercial Law at Faculty of Law, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab of Emirates, - 2012- 2013 Assistant Professor of Commercial Law at Faculty of Law, American University in the Emirates, Dubai, United Arab of Emirates, - 2006- 2009 Assistant Professor Commercial Law at Faculty of Law, Al al Bayt University, Al Mafraq Jordan, - 2008 Lecturer of Commercial Law at Faculty of Law, Jordan University, Amman, Jordan, - 2004- 2006 Assistant Professor of Commercial Law at Faculty of Law, Al Isra University, Amman, Jordan,
- 2009 - 2012, Head of Legal & Compliance Directorate at Public Holding Company, Amman - Jordan. - 2006 - 2008 Legal Consultant at Dr. Anis F. KASSIM Law firm, Jordan. - 2004 - 2006 Legal Consultant at Mohammad T. HATTAB Law Firm, Jordan.
- Jordan Bar Association (JBA), Amman, - Commercial Law Center- Strasbourg III University- France,
For scientific research 1. “The Legal System of Internet Service Providers - A Comparative Analytical Study, Published Research, Al-Manara Magazine, Al-Bayt University, Jordan, 2007, Vol. 13, No. 9. 2. Securitization Contract in Securities Law - A Comparative Legal Study, Accepted Research for Publication, 2013, Journal of Sharia & Law, UAE University, UAE. 3. “Towards Enhancing the Shareholder Right to Control the Management of a Public Shareholding Company, A Critical Study of UAE Companies Law by Benefiting from the European Experience”, Research Accepted for Publication, 2014, Journal of Sharia and Law, UAE University, UAE. 4. The use of smart agent in e-commerce, "A comparative legal study in the framework of what it is and the effectiveness of his actions," Research accepted for publication, 2014, Journal of Law and Economics, Faculty of Law, Cairo University. 5. Réflexions critiques sur le statut juridique de la société en nom collectif dans le droit émirati à la lumière du droit français, Research accepted for publication, 2014, Arabe Law Quarterly, Brill, Netherland. 6. Insured's Duty to Disclose Risks in Terrestrial Insurance Contracts in Jordan, U.A.E. and France: An Analytical Study Upheld by the Recent Decisions of the Courts of Cassation, Research under peer-review, May 2014, Arab Law Quarterly. 7. Legal System of Islamic Real Estate Collective Investment Funds in France, submitted to the First Sharjah International Conference on Islamic Finance, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, November 2014.
* Supervising theses & dissertations of many graduate and undergraduate students. * Presidency and membership of several academic and administrative committees at the university * Reviewers of many scientific researches in peer-reviewed Journals
My philosophy in education is that it is the main way to illuminate the minds and uphold the human affairs and to recommend the human soul and achieve civilizational achievements in various fields of life. The educational process presents its impact by focusing on the student as a recipient and researcher of information, by linking it to the main scientific sources and supervising the reference and guidance on them, so that it plays a positive and interactive role with the teacher and away from the method of indoctrination and negatives. This is without neglecting the importance of using modern methods of teaching, learning and communication with students in a participatory and interactive manner that undermines the boredom that students can feel using traditional means of teaching. It is also necessary to activate the academic guidance of students as it is an important factor in guiding them and taking their hand towards the right destination to ensure their help in solving their problems, developing their personality and upgrading the whole educational process. I also believe that the focus is on effective methods of teaching during the lecture, which include motivating students to participate actively, providing scientific knowledge in a clear and simplified manner and commensurate with the level of scientific, as well as focusing on the basic skills of students, which vary from one student to another and work to bridge the gap between Theoretical and practical aspects of teaching and focus on feedback and motivate students to review what has been explained and prepare in a practical and orderly manner for the topics to be explained.
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