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Prof.Adnan Sarhan Dean Academic RankProfessor


  • Civil Law

Research Interests:

  • Civil Law\ contracts\ consumer protection\ Civil Responsibility\ Electronic Transactions


- PhD in civil law / University of Nantes France, 1994, (title of doctoral dissertation: L'individualisation de la reparation du dommage corporel dans la responsabilité civile extra-contractuelle, étude compare en droit français et en droit Irakien). “The individuation of compensation for physical damage in civil liability extra-contractual, comparative study in French and Iraqi law”.
- Assistant chancellor for Branch Affairs and Dean of Community College, University of Sharjah, 2016 continuing. - Dean of the Faculty of Law for two sessions, University of Sharjah, 2008-2014. - Head of Private Law Department, University of Sharjah, 2004-2005, 2006-2008. - Professor, University of Sharjah, 2008. - Associate Professor, University of Sharjah, 2001-2008. - Assistant Professor, Qatar University, 1998-2001. - Assistant Professor, Yarmouk University of Jordan, 1994-1998.
- Assistant Chancellor for Branch Affairs 10/1/2016, present. - Dean of the Faculty of Law, Member of the Deans Council 2008-2014. - Member of the Scientific Research Council. (several years). - Member of the Council of Graduate Studies. - Member of the Central Promotions Committee at the University. (several years). - Member of the Personnel Committee. - Member of the Committee to control the general behavior of students. (several years). - Member of the committee of grievance against faculty members. - Member of the Student Affairs Committee. - Member of the Committee of the University regulations. - Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Sharjah University for Sharia and Legal Sciences. - Chair or member of several of disciplinary boards or commissions of inquiry for members of the faculty or staff at the university. - Member of the annual awards committee for faculty members, community service category. - Chair of the committees of the establishment of multiple regulations at the university (regulation and general appearance, smoking prevention list, the list of scholarship, scientific research regulations). - Chair or member of several committees to evaluate educational outputs and academic accreditation at the department and college level. - Chair or member of scientific promotion committees, scientific research, conferences, seminars and practical training at the department and college level. - Member of temporary committees for academic and administrative development at the university and college level.
1- Adnan SARHAN, Evaluation of the texts governing the right of the consumer to withdraw from the contract in the law of consumer protection in Kuwait, Journal of Kuwait International Law school. Vol. No. 21 / Q6 / March. 2018. 2- Adnan SARHAN, Recent trends of responsibility for the harmful act, comparative study in UAE and Qatari law in the light of the developments of responsibility in French law, Journal of Sharia and Law, United Arab Emirates University, Vol. No. 71, Q 31, July 2017. 3- Adnan SARHAN, Guarantees of free consumer Consent in Distancecontracts, Comparative study, Journal of Sharia and Law, UAE University, Vol. No. 75, Q 32, July 2018 . 4- Adnan SARHAN, Workers' guarantees in compensation for labor accidents in UAE law. Journal Al-Bahith (researcher) for academic studies, legal and political sciences, University of Batna, Algeria, p. 4, December 2014. 5- Adnan SARHAN, Objectivity of Damage' s daman (Guarantee),Comparative Study, Journal of Law, University of Bahrain, Vol. 11 / Issue 1/2014. 6- Adnan SARHAN Relationship between tourism & travel agencies & their clients, legal nature,conclusion,implementation and civil liability.Journal of Law, Kuwait University, Vol.3, Q31/2007. 7- Adnan SARHAN, Developping the system of compensation for labor injuries between patching and radical solutions. Journal of Sharia and Law, UAE University, Vol.31, Q21, 2007. 8- Adnan SARHAN, Domain names on the Internet, concept and legal system, comparative study, Journal of Sharia and Law, United Arab Emirates University,Vol.25, Q20, 2006. 9- Adnan SARHAN, Civil liability for environmental damage in the light of the provisions of the harmful act in Jordanian and French law, Journal Al-Manara , Al-Bayt University, vol. 5, issu. 2, 2000. 10- Adnan SARHAN, Punitive Compensation, Comparative Study, Journal Abhath (Research), Yarmouk University of Jordan, vol. 13, issu. 4, 1997. 11- Imad Eldine Abdul Hay, Adnan SARHAN, A la recherche du fondement de la réparation pour bruit d´avion, European Journal of Social Sciences,Vol.54-No 2 February, 2017. 12- Imad Eldine Abdul Hay, Adnan SARHAN, La qualification juridique des contrats d´affrètement et du transport maritime en droit musulman et en droit positif français) Neptunus,e.revue, Centre de Droit Maritime et Oceanique, Universite de Nantes-Francem vol.22,2016,2.
1- PhD thesis: - Omar al-Azzawi entitled "codification of Islamic jurisprudence in civil transactions, a legal study of the methodology of codification and its applications in the scope of the harmful act , University of Sharjah, 2018. - Wael Abu Taha entitled “civil liability for nuclear damage, comparative analytical study", University of Sharjah, 2017. 2- Master thesis : - Mitham Taqy: (Consumer Protection Law Kuwait, a critical study under the substantive provisions), 2018. - Eman Al-Yahyai : (Guarantees of Consumer Satisfaction in Civil Laws and Consumer Protection Laws in the GCC Countries, 2017. - Noura Rashed Al - Hammoudi : "Consumer Protection from deceptive commercial advertising in UAE law, University of Sharjah, 2012. - Noura Al - Musli entitled “ Technical faults of the doctor in UAE law, University of Sharjah, 2012. - Wael Abu Taha: “Legal Protection of Personal Data”, University of Sharjah, 2011. - Hessa Al Hashemi: “Guarantees protecting the buyer in the sale of property under construction”, University of Sharjah, 2011. - Hiba Al-Hammadi entitled "The right of the consumer to obtain information in UAE law", University of Sharjah,2011. - Ahmed Samir Qarni: “Contracts of compliance in Islamic jurisprudence - comparative study of the law”, Sharjah University, Associate Supervisor, 2008. - Judge Khalid Al-Toura , Disertation, Higher Diploma of the Judiciary (Judicial Judgments at the End of Endless Agency), Jordanian Judicial Institute, 1997.
1- Workshops. 2- Evaluation of books, Thesis &articles. 3- Evaluation of scientific production for promotion purposes. 4- Community Services. - General Lectures. - Legal articles of press & television interviews. - Counseling and other community services.
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