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Mistakes committed in the criminal complaint file during the evidence-gathering stage’

M3 26 SEP 202212 AM

'Mistakes committed in the criminal complaint file during the evidence-gathering stage'


Under the patronage of his excellency Professor Humaid Majool Alnuaimi/ Director of the university of Sharjah, with the presence of his excellency Professor Imad El Din Abdulhay/ Dean of the college of law. The college hosted a symposium on the 26th of September 2022 at exactly 12:15pm under the title of ''Mistakes committed in the criminal complaint file during the evidence-gathering stage", where it was presented by the official speaker/ Waleed Abdulaziz Alneebary- assistant head prosecutor. Also with the presence of Faculty members, Bachelor and Higher education students of the university of Sharjah.


Seminar Goals:

  1. Statement of the nature of the criminal report file.
  2. A statement of the legal and deferral errors in the communication file.
  3. Passing the journey of the user (the informer or the victim).
  4. Detailing the duties of the judicial arrest conspirators in the communication file.

  5. Clarifying the meaning of inference and clarifying the difference between a question and an interrogation.
  6. Statement of the content of the criminal complaint file (papers - documents - minutes)
  7. Referring to the nature of the records of inferences, and comparison

between them and the nature of the investigation in the stages of inferences.

8- The importance of the investigation in the inferences stage (its importance - its purpose).

9- The general rules for issuing police reports and the guarantees that must be provided in the statement.

10- The reasons for procedural and legal errors and their impact.

The opening session was launched under the supervision of Dr/ Simon Badran- Head of the Public law department, where he gave the opening speech to his excellency Professor Imad El Din Abdelhay- Dean of the College of Law. The dean of the college of law welcomed the attendees, also giving praise to the efforts of the Faculty members and the students of the college, then he also indicated the new projects that the Faculty of Law are concerned with during this period, which is the opening of a specialized legal office to provide services to students free of charge. He also clarified some of the work that will be organized during the work of the office, such as making specialized groups for each law, civil, commercial, and criminal. Then his excellency also announced the opening of the Francophonie Center.

The speech was concluded by encouraging students to adhere to these symposiums held by the Faculty of Law, and to encourage them to participate in the international mock trial competition, which will be held soon in a neighbor Arab country.

Then the speech was referred to the Doctor - Assistant Head Prosecutor of Dubai, so that he would present the axes of the symposium, which represent a great benefit to the students and add value to all the attendees, through which he separated the subject of the communication, the rhetorical file, the procedural, legal errors that may occur while working on it, and other useful details.

At the end of the symposium; a chance was given for questions to be asked, where a whole variety of questions were asked by the students and the faculty members, which were then answered by the Lieutenant.​

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