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External Practical Training System Workshop for the College of Law"

MS Teams 21 MAR 20222 PM

"External Practical Training System Workshop for the College of Law"


Under the patronage and presence of His Excellency Prof. Imad El Din Abdel Hai/ Dean of the College of Law. The College of Law, in cooperation with the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, and the Career Guidance and Student Training Office (CASTO), organized a workshop on the external practical training system for the College of Law.

The workshop was held virtually via the MS TEAMS application on Monday, March 21, 2022 at two o'clock in the afternoon. In the presence of members of the teaching and administrative staff, and students of the bachelor's program in the specializations of law, Sharia and law.

The workshop began with the inauguration of Prof. Dr. Imad El-Din Abdel Hai / Dean of the College, with a speech in which he focused on the college's activities aimed at raising the student's professional skill, along with cognitive skills. The topics of this workshop confirm the college's effort to provide the best for the college students. Perhaps the best example of these activities is the mock trials that took place during the spring at the university level, and internationally, such as the eighth Arab Moot Court Competition.

In succession, the speech was conveyed to Dr. Mona Al-Wasmi / Chairman of the External Practical Training Committee, where she spoke about the nature of external practical training, its objectives and conditions for starting it, as it is the first axis of the workshop entitled "External practical training plan".

As for the second axis, entitled Mechanisms for distributing training bodies and students, Dr. Halima Al-Madfa and Dr. Iman Al-Abdouli talked about the mechanism of distributing male and female students to training bodies and the student's morals during his training in the bodies in which his training is assigned.

Then the third axis, presented by Dr. Munira Muhammad and Dr. Samia Al-Fateh (College of Sharia), addressed the need for students to be disciplined in attendance and absence at the training authority and to coordinate with academic and field supervisors to ensure a smooth process of external practical training.

The floor was then given to the Office of Career Guidance and Student Training (CASTO), to show how to enter reports through the task stream system. In addition, the most important procedures to be followed, before, during and after the student's completion of the external practical training process.

Finally, in the fifth axis of the workshop, the door for questions was opened for students who are about to start their external training, and the faculty members also participated in suggestions to improve the student's training process. After answering all the students' inquiries, and considering the suggestions, the work of the external practical training system workshop for the College of Law was concluded.

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