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To provide the best training opportunities

MS Teams 18 APR 202211 AM

To provide the best training opportunities

Samples of Mock trials organized By the College of Law at the University of Sharjah

          Within the framework of the University of Sharjah's continuous keenness to strengthen the practical side of its students, and to provide them with the practical skills necessary for the labor market, the College of Law organized the civil mock trial for the Private Law Department, with the participation of a group of students from the department who submitted legal pleadings simulating reality, in the presence of a number of members of the teaching and administrative staff The mock trial is represented in a full-fledged session to present the pleading of the students of the private law department, as followed in the real courts, before a group of college professors who supervised their training and follow-up.

On the sidelines of the trial, Prof. Youssef Al-Hayek, Vice President for Academic Affairs, stressed the importance of linking the theoretical knowledge of law students with the practical reality, with the aim of empowering students and qualifying them for the labor market through the training activities and programs organized by the college. The College of Law, with the attendance and participants in the moot trial, pointed out the importance of this type of practical activities that help in consolidating values and theoretical knowledge among students, through various experiences simulating the legal reality, as Dr. To the necessity of strengthening students' skills of sound legal thinking and analysis, and enhancing their expertise in line with the nature of legal work.

The student, Ahmed Muhammad Al Shehhi, from the College of Law at the University's branch in Al Dhaid, won the award for the best oral pleading in the "Eighth Arab Moot Trials" competition.

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