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Legal protection of the cheque: between cancellation and the difficulties of keeping"

Zoom 7 MAR 202212 AM

07\03\2022 Monday, 3 March 2022                                                                                                                                 " Legal protection of the cheque: between cancellation and the difficulties of keeping"

Under the patronage of His Excellency Prof. Dr. Humaid Majul Al Nuaimi/ Director of the University of Sharjah, the college of law with the cooperation of the university of Ain-Shams hosted a sympodium on Monday, 7 March 2022 on the online platform Zoom, under the title " Legal protection of the check: between cancellation and the difficulties of possession". " It The sympodium was organized and presented by a number of faculty members from both colleges, also with the presence of members of the academic staff and students of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the University of Sharjah.

The opening session started with a speech from his excellency Prof. Imad Eldin Abdul Hay – Dean of the College of Law, that heavily praised the efforts of the college of law, the amount of spectacular efforts that have been put in by the college, the importance of the topics that are discussed in the College's Sympodium, picking the most important topics to present in a modernized, and developed manner to gain Academic/scientific benefits.

Adding, that this event (sympodium) is considered the earliest of works that will be practiced in both the colleges according to the scientific understanding agreement. Where both the Colleges professors will be called upon to organize and host this event. His excellency, reassured on the importance of the scientific cooperation between the universities and colleges. Where the professors from both universities will be joining hands in the evaluation and discussing the articles of the higher education programs, also the mutual supervision of the scientific thesis, and other academical works that will benefit the society.

The Sympodium was hosted in one session; directed by Dr. Nazzal kisswani (Dean of college of Law for higher education studies, associate professor in commercial law in the private law department)

The research papers included:

The participated research papers.

Participants name Title of participated Research
1Professor Naji Abd elmomen/ Commercial and sea law. Dean of the college of law previously (Ain Shams)

"General provisions for cheques in Egyptian law".


2Prof. Imad Eldin Abdul Hay - Dean, College of Law."Civil protection for bounced cheques between partial fulfillment hammer and executive capacity oak"
3Professor Yaseen Alshathli/ Commercial and sea law. representative of the college of community service  (Ain Shams)  


"Arbitration of cheque disputes"  


Dr Muthaffar Jaber Alrawi/ Associate professor in commercial law at the university of Sharjah


"Penalties introduced according to recent amendments to the Commercial Transactions Law as a guarantee for the check bearer

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