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Meeting of the College of Law with the Office of Sustainability

MS Teams 3 MAR 202111 AM

Meeting of the College of Law with the Office of Sustainability

The College of Law at the University of Sharjah held a meeting with the Sustainability Office at the University of Sharjah, on Wednesday 3/3/2021, where Prof. Emad Eddin Abdel Hay / Dean of the College of Law, and Dr. Muhammad Sadat / Head of the Private Law Department, met with Prof. Imad Al-Suyouf / Director of the Sustainability Office to discuss several challenges presented by Prof. Imad Al-Suyouf that include:

  • That the research of faculty members is related to sustainability, whether environmental, social or economic.
  • Emphasizing that the College of Law's programs contain courses related to sustainability of all kinds. (The college has previously identified 14 courses targeting sustainable development).
  • The importance of enhancing the role of students and professors in participating in seminars, offices and programs that support sustainability.

In conclusion, Dr. Mohamed Sadat, added the importance of the Sustainability Office holding a seminar for the College of Law addressed to faculty members, administrative staff and students at all stages, to clarify the concept of sustainability and its role in society, and how to contribute to this development. Doing that will enable the college to work more effectively on this matter to enhance the status of the University in the society with regard to sustainability considerations. Professor Imad Eddin, stressed on future cooperation with the office, calling for the importance of the Sustainability Office in increasing awareness among all members of the College of Law and students to enhance their participation. He suggested research groups and workshops on sustainable development as methods to strengthen and enhance such cooperation between the College and the Office. Prof. Imad Al-Suyouf welcomed the idea, and indicated the intention of having such initiatives in the near future.


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