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Challenges of Scientific Research in Legal Studies"

MS Teams 17 JAN 20211 PM

Challenges of Scientific Research in Legal Studies"

The spring semester of the academic year of 20/21 commenced with an initiation of the Vice Chancellor of the University for Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies, to attend the eighth Research Café talk under the title "Scientific Research Challenges in Legal Studies" on 1/17/2021. Presented by Prof. Imad El Din Ahmad Abdul Hay/ Dean of the College of Law, the discussion focused on several challenges that include:

Not relying on the results of legal research in developing policies and making decisions.

The absence of a clear research philosophy and lack of motivation.

The scientific value of research.

Composition - from a quantitative point of view.

The evaluation process of research.


The difficulty of obtaining qualified research examiners.

Prof. Imad added, "Scientific research is the reflective and logical mirror on the increasing demand for scientific publishing, as there is no value to any scientific production except by publishing it and submitting it directly for evaluation to determine the level of knowledge and the extent of its validity. Legal scientific research is a scientific value that contributes to the advancement and development of societies in legal terms," In addition, scientific research in any university has become the most important component of its existence as a higher education institution.

Then Prof. Imad presented the recommendations that aim to overcome the challenges of scientific research, which include:

1- Attention to the good preparation of legal researchers.

2- Selecting legal research topics related to the needs and issues of society and ways to confront them by providing legal solutions (proposing legislation).

3- To stimulate and encourage inter-studies.

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