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Law and Medicine - A Jurisprudential Perspective

MS Teams 4 FEB 202110 AM

Law and Medicine - A Jurisprudential Perspective

The Department of Private Law held a symposium on 02/4/2021, at 10:00 am, entitled "Law and Medicine - Jurisprudential Perspective", which was presented by a number of faculty members and legal experts, with the participation of His Excellency Prof. Sherif Sedky, and His Excellency Prof. Adnan Sirhan and Dr. Taj Al-Sir Muhammad Hamed, and several faculty members and students of both the undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Sharjah University.

One of the symposium's aims was to explore the latest developments in disputes in the medical field, and the developments in the substantive rules organizing the medical profession, as it shed light on reading and analyzing the trends of the UAE legislator in medical liability claims and the new legal rules for litigation that have been developed .

The opening session, moderated by Dr. Mohamed Sadat, Head of the Private Law Department, began with a speech by His Excellency Prof. Sherif Sedky, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, who praised the College of Law for the extent of its distinguished efforts, and for the important topics covered in the college's symposiums.

Prof. Imad El Din Ahmad Abdul Hay, Dean of the College of Law, presented a speech, where he welcomed the distinguished guests and praised the excellence in the organization of this symposium and the selection of its topics.

The seminar was organized in one session chaired by His Excellency Prof. Adnan Sirhan, Professor of Civil Law and Assistant Chancellor for Branches Affairs.

 Participating research papers:

1. Legal Counselor Dr. Taj Al-Sir Muhammad Hamed - former Supreme Court Judge in Sudan - Judicial Inspector - Judicial Inspection Department at the Ruler's Court - Dubai Government.

A paper entitled by: "The Evolution of Medical Liability Law in the United Arab Emirates"

2. Prof. Adnan Sirhan - Professor of Civil Law - Assistant Director of the University for Branches Affairs.

  A paper entitled by: "Developments in medical responsibility in French law".

3. Prof. Sayed Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed- Professor of the law of Civil Procedures

A paper entitled by: "Procedural protection of the rights of the injured from medical errors before the judiciary."

4. Dr. Ayman Zain - Associate Professor of Civil Law.

 A paper entitled by: "The surgical robot (New legal perspectives and an imperative).

5. Dr. Mourad Benseghir- Assistant Professor of Civil Law.

 A paper entitled by: "Legislative update on medical developments ... to where?"

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