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Master in Public Law

College of Law
Commenced Year
Sharjah Main Campus Khorfakan Kalba
Study System
Thesis and Courses
Total Credit Hours
33 Cr.Hrs
Total 255.300 AED
2-4 Years
Fall & Spring
Study Mode
Full Time and Part Time

Master in public law

The College established the Master's Program in Public law to fulfill a three-dimensional aspect:   knowledge, post-specialization, post-legal research, follow-up in comparative legal systems, and to take advantage of every new aspect in the public law. This requires the students to acquire knowledge and legal skills.  The program itself is directed to contribute to the achievements of the mission of the University and to strengthen the university's position as a center of intellectual, and scientific institution in all levels, local, regional and global levels, also to promote human resource development in order to develop society r and preserve its identity.     

Objectives of program
  1. To developing the capacity of post graduate students to follow the scientific research methods in different branches of law
  2. To developing scientific research movement and enriching the knowledge in all branches of the law through deep legal studies and serious research to reach scientific outcomes.
  3. To meet the needs of the community in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Cooperation Council States, by recruiting qualified and specialized legal researchers.
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Special Admission Requirements
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