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Master in Private Law

College of Law
Study System
Thesis and Courses
Total Credit Hours
33 Cr.Hrs
2-4 Years
Fall & Spring
Sharjah Main Campus Khorfakan Kalba
Study Mode
Full Time and Part Time

Master in Private Law

By establishing the master's program in law, the Collage of Law seeks to achieve three dimensions: post-cognitive, post-specialization and post-objective research in legal studies. This requires the Collage to follow the comparative contemporary legal systems and to take advantage of all aspect of modernity in the legal field, especially in the technology area and its impact on curricula and teaching methods. It also requires students to acquire knowledge and legal skills which the program works to achieve, and to prepare qualified specialists in the legal field, as well to contribute in achieving the University's mission and enhancing its position as an intellectual, scientific and civilizational center at local, regional and international levels, to continue as a tributary of human resource development for the better of society and its preserved identity.

Program Goals
  • Developing the ability of graduate students to follow the scientific research methods in different branches of law
  • Developing the scientific research movement and enriching the knowledge in all branches of law with respect to the deep legal studies and solid research to realize an innovative scientific and empirical addition and to reveal new facts‫.  
  • Meeting the needs of the community of the United Arab Emirates, in particular, and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in general, by graduating qualified and specialized legal researchers. 
  • Enabling distinguished students with a bachelor's degree in law or baccalaureate in Sharia and law to pursue their higher study locally‫.  
  • Providing universities, ministries, public and private institutions in the country with legal specialists capable to follow the scientific and technological developments and the related legislations
  • Contributing through deep scientific research in the development of existing legal systems in line with economic, social and scientific developments.

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Special Admission Requirements
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