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Doctor of Philosophy in Public Law

College of Law
Study System
Thesis and Courses
Total Credit Hours
60 Cr.Hrs
3-5 Years
Fall & Spring
Sharjah Main Campus
Study Mode
Full Time

Doctorate of Philosophy in Public Law

The Ph.D. program in public law has three dimensions: educational, disciplinary and meaningful research in the field of legal studies. In addition, through this program, the College of Law aims to keep its faculty and students up-to-date with the latest comparative legal systems and benefit from recent developments in the field of legal knowledge and skills. As the college follows a clear strategic plan, another aim of the course is to train Emirati nationals. Moreover, the program focuses on the training of qualified legal, judicial and higher education professionals to meet the needs of the job market.

Objectives of Program
1. Reinforcing the scientific and specialized legal knowledge and skills of the student in the field of public law.
2. Developing the students' professional and intellectual skills.
3. Enabling the students to conduct comparative research and legal studies in public law that would enrich knowledge in the field.
4. Instilling in the students the spirit of creativity and development, and the desire for seeking continuing education in the field of public law.

Course Description :

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Special Admission Requirements :
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Program Structure :

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