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Dr.Zaid Bouziane Faculty Member Academic RankAssociate Professor
Zaid Bouziane


  • Mass Communication

Research Interests:

  • The impact of algorithm-driven platforms on the media and news industries and on contemporary society as a whole. The implications of algorithms-driven platforms on quality information and editorial control. Media accountability. Public service media. Users’ (audience) reception. Online and offline identities. Fairness, accountability, and transparency of algorithms.


Dr. Bouziane Zaid holds a Ph.D. in Communication and an MA in Mass Communication from the University of South Florida. He is currently associate professor of media and communication at the University of Sharjah. He presented his research in more than 20 countries in North and South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. His research interests are in the areas of media law and policy, public service media, digital rights, and corporate communication. He authored and co-authored two books and numerous journal articles, country reports, and book chapters. Dr. Zaid has served as a consultant for UNESCO, Open Society Foundation, and other international organizations.
Consultancy: Center for Media, Data & Society: To identify ethical models of business engagement to support independent media in the MENA region, November 2021-January 2022. Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc.: To assess and evaluate the contents of MBN news programming in the TV channels: Alhurra Iraq, Alhurra Maghreb, From the Capital, December 2020-January 2021. UNESCO: To produce a country report on the media landscape in Morocco. September 2014-December 2017. Professional Membership: Revisionary Initiative for Public Enterprise (RIPE) Global Public Service Media Experts Network International Communication Association (ICA) International Association of Mass Communication Research (IAMCR) Arab U.S. Association for Communication Educators (AUSACE)
OTT television in the Arab world, University of Sharjah, 2020. Lead Principal Investigator ( AED 54,000 ) Platformization of Arab news websites and quality journalism, University of Sharjah, 2020. Lead Principal Investigator ( AED 80,000 ) Media/State Relations in Morocco. Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco, 2015. Lead Principal Investigator ( US$ 4,000 )
Books: Zaid, B. (2010). Public Service Television Policy and National Development in Morocco: Contents, Production, and Audiences. Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM Verlag (by invitation). Zaid, B., and Ibahrine, M. (2011). Mapping Digital Media: Morocco. The Open Society Foundation. Journal Articles: Shin, D., Chotiyaputta, V., Zaid, B. (2022). “The Effects of cultural dimensions on algorithmic news: How do cultural value orientations affect how people perceive algorithms?” Computers in Human Behavior, v. 126. Fedtke, J., Ibahrine, M., Wang, Y., & Zaid, B. (2022). “’Zombies for their profit:’ Social networks in the age of surveillance capitalism,” Interactions, 29(2): 70–73. Fedtke, J., Ibahrine, M., Zaid, B., & Shin, D. (2022). "Containing a corona misinfodemic and covidiocy: political talk shows on German public-service TV," Journalism Practice. Zaid, B., Shin, D. H., Kteish, S., Fedtke, J., Ibahrine, M. (2021). “Gendered self-representation and empowerment on social media in the United Arab Emirates,” The Communication Review, Zaid, B., Shin, D. H., El Kadoussi, A. & Ibahrine, M. (2021). “Watching the watchdogs: A conceptual model for media accountability in a non-Western country,” Journalism Practice, 15(6). Shin, D., Zaid, B., & Ibahrine, M. (2020). “Algorithm appreciation: Algorithmic performance, developmental processes, and user interactions,” in Proceedings of the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Communications, Computing, Cybersecurity, and Informatics, CCCI 2020. Zaid, B., Gunn, C., Fedtke, J., & Ibahrine, M. (2020). “Teaching outside your area of expertise: an opportunity for professional development,” Journal of Further and Higher Education, 44(8), 1-12. Shin, D., Beede, P., Ibahrine, M., & Zaid, B. (2020). Thumb movement and touch-based interaction heuristics in smart devices: Advances in human and smart device interaction. International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction, 12(1), 42-57. Ibahrine, M., Zaid, B. (2019). “Spectrum management and democratization in Morocco,” in International Journal of Information Technology, Communications and Convergence, 3(3), 191-208. Zaid, B. (2018). “A Normative study of broadcast regulators in the Arab world,” International Journal of Communication, 12, 4401–4420. Zaid, B. (2017). “The Authoritarian trap in state/media structures in Morocco’s political transition,” The Journal of North African Studies, 22(3), Taylor & Francis, 340-360. Book Chapters: Ibahrine, M., Zaid, B. (2022). “Morocco: Accountability at a nascent stage,” in The Global Handbook of Media Accountability, Edited by Susanne Fengler, Tobias Eberwein, Matthias Karmasin. Routledge. Zaid, B. & Ibahrine, M. (2021). “Morocco: Competitive authoritarianism in media reforms,” in Arab Media Systems, Edited by Carola Richter and Claudia Kozman. Cambridge, UK: Open Book Publishers, 303-323. El Kadoussi A., Zaid, B. and Ibahrine M. (2021). “Traditional media, digital platforms and social protests in post Arab Spring Morocco,” in Gegründet vom Nah and Mittelost-Verein (Eds.), Ten Years after the Arab Spring, Orient, Berlin: German Orient-Institute, 50-59. Ibahrine, M., Zaid, B. & El Kaddoussi, A. (2021). “Media accountability instruments (MAI) in Morocco,” in Media Accountability in the Mena Region, edited by Susanne Fengler, Isabella Kurkowski, and Monika Lengauer. Dortmund: Erich Brost Institute for International Journalism, TU Dortmund University. Zaid, B., El Kaddoussi, A., & Ibahrine, M. (2020). “The Moroccan press: challenges and development,” in Routledge Handbook of Arab Media, Noureddine Miladi and Noha Mellor (Eds.). London: Taylor & Francis. Fedtke, J., Zaid, B., & Ibahrine, M. (2020). “Gendered hashtactivism: Digital publicness in Saudi Arabia,” in Naseem, Ayaz, Arshad-Ayaz, Adeela (Eds.) Social Media as a Space for Peace Education: The Pedagogic Potential of Online Networks. Palgrave McMillan, 139-156. Zaid, B. (2020). “The Authoritarian trap in state/media structures in Morocco’s political transition,” in Roxane Farmanfarmaian (Ed.), Media and Politics in the Southern Mediterranean: Communicating Power in Transition after 2011. London: Routledge.
Digital Media | Internet Governance | Global Communication | Media Law and Ethics | Journalism | Public Relations | Strategic Communication | Research Methods | Media and Development
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