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Dr.Thouraya Snoussi Chair Academic RankAssociate Professor
Thouraya Snoussi


  • Mass Communication

Research Interests:

  • New Media Uses and Gratifications | New Media Effects | Media Education


Dr. Thouraya Snoussi obtained her doctorate. from Stendhal University - France in October 2000, began her professional career as a radio and television journalist in Tunisia and Canada, where she acquired a rich professional experience in journalism and communication. She moved into the field of teaching since 2006 in several Arab universities; she has held several administrative positions such as coordinator, head of department, acting dean and assistant dean. His area of research includes the uses and effects of new media. She has published 7 books and over 55 peer-reviewed research articles in Scopus and ISI Journals. She has obtained international recognition: Leader in Humanities and Social Sciences in January 2018, in India, Woman in Education Leadership Award, in July 2018, in Singapore, and Best Faculty Award at the International Academic and Research Excellence Awards (IARE), Noida, on June 08, 2019. in October 2020, she was awarded with 2020 NESIN Awards Woman Researcher Award, Science Father.
Associate Editor: Global Media Journal Arabian Edition, Amity University, Dubai. UAE. Editorial Board Member: Journal of PR Research Middle East, Scientific Refereed Journal, ISSN: 2314-873X, (EPRA), Egypt Member at the Refereed Board: Tunisian Revue of Communication, (RTC), The Press Institute of Information, IPSI, Manouba University, Tunisia- 2009 &2010. Member of Scientific Committee: International Conference in Digital Education in the era of social media, Justice Pioneers Center, Lebanon, 30-31 Oct. 2019 Member of Scientific Committee: International Conference on Advances in Technology, Management and Sciences IATMS 2019, GISR Foundation, Dubai, 30-31 Oct. 2019 Reviewer: The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning (IRRODL) Journal, Athabaska University; ISSN: 1492-3831. Canada. Reviewer: The Athens Journal of Mass Media and Communications (AJMMC), Athens Institute for Education and Research, Greece. Reviewer: Al Dar Research Journal for Sustainability, Dubai, UAE. Reviewer: Arab Journal for Media studies, Arab Center for Research and Media Studies. Reviewer: Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory issues, Allied Academies, ISSN: 1544-0036, E-ISSN: 1544-0044 (2017). Chairperson-conference session: 4TH AFU Virtual International conference: TASK in crisis times, 19-29 May 2021, Dubai, UAE Chairperson-Conference Session: 4th Canadian International Conference in Education, Teaching and Technology, EDUTEACH2019, University of Toronto, Canada, 25-27 July 2019. Chairperson and Key note speaker: AM2018, Venus International Foundation, Chennai, India, May 2018. Consultancy: External Reviewer: Evaluation of communication courses for undergraduates, mass communication program, Gulf University, Bahrain. External Reviewer: Evaluation of Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs, Department of Communication, Tourism and Arts, University of Bahrain, Bahrain
Research Grant by the Media and Cultural Office of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs - Sharjah (2021-2022); the research is dedicated to investigate the role of digital media in shaping social values of the family in the Emirate of Sharjah. Role in the grant: Co-Investigator.
Books: Snoussi T. (2007). Tunisian Television in the 90’s: Controversy between the government’ restrictions and multinational competition. Publi-Press, Tunis, TUNISIA, 183p. ISBN 978-9973-0-0018-7 (French language) Snoussi T. (2016). Uses of Modern Technologies of Information & communication: Theoretical approaches and social penetration. University Book House, Alain, UAE, 127p. ISBN 978-614801727-8 (Arabic language) Snoussi T., Said M., & Gindeel H. (2018). Crisis and Terrorism Communication. Brighter Horizon Publishers. Sharjah, UAE, 375p. ISBN 978-9948-385-49-3 (Arabic language) Snoussi T. (2019). Digital Media and Social Networks. Brighter Horizon Publishers. Sharjah. UAE, 240p. ISBN 978-9923-705-17-9 (Arabic language) Snoussi T. & Hashim S. (2020). New media & Public Relations. Brighter Horizon Publishers. Sharjah, UAE, 250p. ISBN 978-9948-368-85-4 (Arabic language) Snoussi T. (2020). Electronic Journalism. Noor Publishing, Germany, 225p. ISBN 978-620-0-77516-0 (Arabic language) Snoussi T. (2021). New Media theories. Al- Arabia Public Relation Agency, Egypt. October. ISBN 978-977-85918-4-2 (Arabic Language) Journal Articles: Snoussi, T. (2022). White dialect VS white identity: the crisis of Arab cultural identity in new media. Journal of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. Vol. 6, issue 1. (ISSN 2587-0130). Scopus publication Q1 (SJR 2021: 0.72). Almansouri, A., Snoussi, T. (2022). COVID-19 and Fake News: Knowledge Assessment and Discrepancy of Social Media Users in the UAE. Algerian Communication review. Pp 71-79 SSN:1111-536X. EISSN:2676-1793 – (Journal B according to UOS ranking). Snoussi, T., Ben Belkacem, H., Al-Mutairi, M., Abidi, S., Alharbi, M. (2022). Distance e-learning experience for media and communication students in the MENA region during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Opportunities and challenges. Zeitschrift fur Psychologie / Journal of Psychology. ISSN: 2190-8370 E-ISSN: 2151-2604 (Q1: SJR 2021: 0.78). Accepted for publication (September). (Vol. 230, N 4) Snoussi T. (2018). The media and communication role of advanced regional systems: A theoretical approach. Journal of PR Research Middle East, Egyptian Association of Public Relations. Issue 20. Pp 76-96. Snoussi T. (2018). Digital Media and Educational Role: A case study of an Arabic E-Magazine. J Mass Communication Journalism 8: 358. DOI: 10.4172/2165-79121000358. Snoussi T. (2019). New Media and cultural medicalization. Media Literacy and Academic Research (MLAR). Vol.2, No.1, April. pp.89-103. ISSN 2585-8726 (Print), and ISSN: 2585-9188 (Online). Web of Science Core Collection (ESCI). Snoussi T. (2019). Social Networks and the Reality of Self-Constructing Identity, Journal of Media and Communication Sciences, Issue 3, Second Year. Kaleel A. & Snoussi T. (2019). Impact of Social Media Use on Identity: A Case Study. Journal of PR Research Middle East, Egyptian Association of Public Relations. Issue 23. Apr.-Jun. ISSN:2314-873X. Snoussi T. (2019). ICT faculties’ usage in the UAE private universities: A case study. Global Media Journal. Volume 17, Issue 33. Sep. ISSN 1550-7521 Snoussi T. (2019). Learning Management system in Education: Opportunities and challenges. International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE). Volume-8, Issue-12. Oct. pp. 664-667. ISSN 2278-3075 Kaleel. A., Snoussi, T. and Aljanaby, M. (2019). Corporate websites and public relations. International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering Volume 8. No.5. ISSN 2278-3091 Snoussi T. (2020). Social media and self-identity: Virtual Panopticon VS virtual schizophrenia. Opcion Journal, 36(26) June 2020, pp. 2574-2594. ISNN: 1012-1587 Snoussi T. (2020). Development of crisis management in the digital era: The use of "Face time” during the coup attempt in Turkey”. Global Media Journal Arabian Edition, 2(2) ISNN 27076768 Snoussi T., Farouk, H. & Moussa, C. (2020). Knowledge, understanding, and adherence to Social Media regulations by youth in the United Arab Emirates. Arab Media and Society. issue 30, summer full. ISSN: 1687-7721 Snoussi, T. & Kacem, A. (2020). Instagram for integrated online Marketing Communications. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change. Vol.14, issue 5. Oct. Pp. 1021-1037 ISSN 2201-1315. Snoussi, T & Radwan, A. (2020). Distance E-Learning and Communication studies during Covid-19 pandemic. Utopia y Praxis Lationamiricana. Vol. 25. Issue (Extra 10) Nov. pp. 253-270. ISSN 1316-5216 ISSN-e: 2477-9555 CESA-FCES-UNIVERSIDAD DEL ZULIA. MARACAIBO-VENEZUELA. DOI Snoussi, T., Ben Belkacem, H., Radwan, A. & Gaidi, M. (2020). Social Media for learning: Perceptions and behaviors. Periodicals of Engineering and natural Science PENS, Vol. 8. Issue 4. pp. 2195-2207. ISSN: 2303-4521 DOI: Snoussi T. (2020). Addressing Hate speech in new media at the time of the Coronavirus: The UNO’ website as an example. Algerian Communication Review. Vol. 19, issue 2, Dec. Pp. 53-69. ISNN: 111-536X. Snoussi, T. (2021). Social media for communication crisis management. International Journal of Management and Business Research. Vol. 8. Issue3. Forex publications. e-ISSN: 2347-4696 paper ID BMN-IJBMR-2020-4 Snoussi, T. & Korbi, W (2021). Cyber Anti-Hate speech during Covid-19 pandemic: Semiotic Analysis of AlterHate campaign. Asian ESP Journal, Vol. 17. Issue 4.2. ISSN: 2206-0979 Snoussi, T. (2021). Hate speech in the time of the Coronavirus and ways to respond: Speech analysis of the U. N. Secretary-General. The Tunisian Journal of Communication. Accepted for publication. Snoussi, T., Ben Belkacem, H., Muteeri, M., Laabidi, S. (2021). Adapting Distance E-Learning strategies for Communication and media courses: Trends and attitudes. Periodicals of Engineering and natural Science PENS. Vol. 9. Issue 3. ISSN 2303-4521. Retrievable Al Muteeri, M., Snoussi, T., Ben Belkacem, H., Laabidi, S. (2021). Implications for the use of Distance Online Learning in Colleges of Media and Communication: Survey results. Multicultural Education. Volume 7, Issue 8. Pp 299-309. Snoussi, T. (2021). The crisis of national cultural identity in the new media: A qualitative study. Algerian Communication review. Vol. 2 Issue 2. Pp 77-93. ISSN:1111-536X. EISSN:2676-1793 Book Chapters: Snoussi T., Kaleel A. & Hashim S. (2019). Social media use in Higher Education: A case study. Proceedings of Canadian International Conference on Advances in Education: Teaching and Technology, 27-28 Jul. Toronto, Canada, Unique Conferences Canada Publications, November 2019 ISBN: 9781-988652-30-6, PP. 28-36
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