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Chair's Welcome

The ever-evolving communication technologies certainly have greatly influenced the understanding, collection, analysis, and dissemination of information. This technological boom, fueled by the expansion of the World Wide Web, may offer new encounters to communication practitioners as much as it may open up unprecedented horizons. Recognizing the requirements and opportunities of the new phase, our faculty, technician and administrative staff in the department of Mass Communication strive to enhance student' media and ethical excellence and acquire the skills they need to succeed in the world of communication with its various programs. (Radio and television, digital media design, electronic journalism, English language programs for mass communication). The study and practice of our profession is more vital and important now than it has ever been. Graduates from our department usually find jobs in their fields such as television stations, newspapers, magazines, news websites, advertising agencies and a host of other media organizations.

We, the Department of Mass Communication, appreciate our graduates and are extremely proud of their achievements; we work hard to ensure that this continues for the current and future generations of students.

The Department of Mass Communication at the College of Communication - University of Sharjah includes a group of highly qualified academics who are internationally known for their competence, enthusiasm, and determination to provide students with the knowledge and skills that qualify them to be distinguished practitioners in the field of Radio & Television, Electronic Journalism and Digital Media Design, qualifying them to practice media professionally as a continuous and developed profession to meet the needs of the qualified local and regional labor market in the fields of mass communication.​

Thouraya Snoussi, PhD

​Chair of Mass Communication

College of Communication,

University of Sharjah, U.A.E.