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My journey in the College of Communication satisfied my need for a variety of different skills and fulfilled my constant want for knowledge. I entered the University of Sharjah with the goal of transforming my personality and developing my character for me to set out on the route to success in the field of the media, and it would not have been possible if it weren’t for my professors, lecturers, and colleagues, who gave me a great understanding of the different aspects of the media and deepened my knowledge, gifting me with a whole new personality and bunch of great memories. Thanks to that, I can confidently and proudly say I’m ready for my next journey.
Sarah Biyrouti
As a mass communication student, I have learned many skillsets and was taught to rise to any challenge quickly. I learned to become more versatile and that it is possible to have more than one career path for the future. The Mass Communication (English Program) alongside its faculty and staff members were more than adequately qualified in providing us students with the necessary knowledge for any challenges that we might face. And the good news is that The Program’s courses are accredited locally and internationally, thus we graduate with a certificate recognized anywhere in the world.
Ahmed Gafar Medani
My four years at the College of Communication have enriched not only my knowledge and skills but also my personality. I am very grateful to my professors for giving me the opportunity to understand the many facets of media in the modern world.
Safia Al Shehhi
Emirati Journalist​​
I have been brought up academically at the University of Sharjah where I acquired both the professional and theoretical knowledge in the field of radio and TV broadcasting. Luckily, I got a chance to be trained at the Sharjah TV station at which I work currently. The University of Sharjah gained its fame as a distinguished academic institution in the region. I liked the Radio and TV Broadcasting Dept. because it enabled lots of graduates to use and interact with information and communication technologies (ICT). It also helped us to gain codes of ethics that systemize our work at media outlets. To this effect, we became competent graduates on a regional level.​​ My understanding of the image of the University of Sharjah resides in its exceptional role in bringing students from different backgrounds and diverse cultures together. This, in turn, enabled me to build a network of friends, fellows and colleagues from Islamic and Arab countries. Apart from this, I gathered the experience of many faculty members who represented different school of thoughts. I bear all the respect and appreciation to His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohamad al-Qassimi. I got the chance to interview his highness when at the College of Communication. H. H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan handed me my diploma that I got with the highest honor. I can't forget these lofty events at the University of Sharjah. Indeed, the University of Sharjah will be in my heart and mind as my best academic institution. I look forward to cherish the good memories that I experienced at the University of Sharjah.
Marwa Ahmed
Reporter at Sharjah TV Sharjah