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Resources & Facilities

  • ​Radio and TV Studios, Editing Units, and News Room

The College of Communication has two (2) modern Digital TV Studios in M11 and W7. The Studios are equipped with advanced Digital TV Cameras, Auto Script devices, lighting system, decoration, as well as Chroma Key background wallpapers for the production of news programs, talk shows, and audience shows. Each studio has its own control room with a video recording system and the highest technologies in Audio and Video, lighting, graphics (Character Generator) and effects control in order to produce technical works of distinguished standards.


TV studios have 6 modern Editing Units/ Final Cut Pro that help generate high-end productions.

The college also has four (4) radio studios (two on the women's campus in W7 and two on the men's campus in M11) equipped with high-end devices and MAC computers in order to control sound programs (Pro Tools) in a professional way. The college guarantees the best equipment in order to match the actual standards in the market and to train the students and boost their technical skills and self-confidence.

Considering the development that the college is currently undergoing, a special News Room was established. This newsroom uses the iNews program, which is the same program used in actual newsrooms in renowned TV stations. This newsroom allows students to prepare and deliver news reports. iNews is considered as the best news lab available in UAE universities. The lab is located on the first floor in W7.


In addition, the college has modern high-end external filming and production tools, such as wireless microphones, jib arm, tripods and slings for cameras, cool lighting, and much more. The college also has a fully equipped screening room for viewing students' films and senior projects.


  •  ​​Computer Labs:

-  MAC Labs: The college has 4 MAC labs:The first lab is for graphic design students (females), multimedia, filming and editing courses, TV direction and production, etc…The lab has 23 MACs. The second MAC lab is for journalistic publication (Desktop Publishing). Students (females) in journalism, graphic design, and multimedia use these 23 MACs for their projects. This lab is located on the second floor in W7. The third lab is on the ground floor in W7 (Women's Campus). Also, male students have a MAC lab in M11 (the main building). This fourth lab is for male graphic design, multimedia, and journalism students taking courses in filming, editing, TV production, etc…This lab has 12 MACs.

- The college also has 3 PC computer labs; two are for female students, and are located on the ground floor in W7 (24 PCs). The third lab also has 24 PCs for male students and is located in M11.

- The college's Printing Unit offers support for the students and the labs. This high-end unit operates according to an internal network system. It is actually used in the printing of the college's journal "Ettisal" (Contact) which is a student production supervised by the faculty members of the Department of Mass Communication. The Department of Public Relations also produces the "University News".