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Graduate Career Opportunities

Journalism track job opportunities :
  • Media and journalism publications.
  • Press and websites.

Electronic media Track: Job opportunities:
  • Prepared TV programs and television director.
  • Broadcast presenter and TV producer.
  • Broadcast presenter and TV producer.
  • Photographer and TV editor.
  • Representative and a television reporter.

Graphic design: job opportunities:
  • Graphic designer.
  • Editor and web designer.
  • Multimedia designer.
  • Graphics editor.

Mass Communication Program In English (BA)
Because of the diverse nature of the program, graduates have many career opportunities in public and private media companies in the UAE or abroad. Program graduates may work in TV and radio stations in careers such as media writing, translation, video shooting and editing, directing, and program hosting. They may work also in newspapers, magazines, and advertising agencies in careers such as graphic and layout design or web design. Program graduates may work in public relations sections in any public or private company as well.