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Prof.Jairo Lugo-Ocando Dean Academic RankProfessor
Jairo Lugo-Ocando


  • Mass Communication

Research Interests:

  • Journalism Studies | Statistics in the media | Science Communcation | Corporate Social Responsability


Professor Jairo Lugo-Ocando, PhD (Sussex) is the Dean of the College of Communication. Previously, he was a Professor of Journalism Studies and director of Graduate Studies at Northwestern University in Qatar and before that the Deputy Head of the School of Media and Communication at the University of Leeds in the UK. He is author of several books, journal articles and other academic publications. Over the years he has received over US$ 1.1 million in external research grants funding from the United Kingdom’s Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), Qatar National Research Fund, the Leverhulme Trust and the Carnegie Trust for the Universities in Scotland, among other institutions. Additionally, he was recipient of the Theodore C. Sorensen Fellowship from the John F. Kennedy Library and was a visiting fellow at the National University of Singapore. Before becoming an academic, he worked as a journalist, correspondent and news editor for several media outlets in Latin America and continues to be engaged with the mainstream news media as regular commentator and columnist.
International Communication Association (ICA) International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR)
Lead Principal Investigator: Qatar National Research Fund (2019) Assessing the Qatari news media’s capacities for fostering public understanding of an engagement with science: issues, challenges, opportunities and their socio-political implications. ( Grant Reference: NPRP-125-0317-190381 ) ( US$ 397,000 ) PI - Research Grants for Scholarship from the Truman Presidential Library & Museum (2018) to carry out research on the history of Foreign for Media Development. ( US$ 2,500 ) Co. I – AHRC (2017)- Defining Freedom of the Press: A Cross national examination of press ethics and regulation in ten European countries. ( Grant Reference: AH/R00644X/1 ) ( UK£ 519,607 ) PI – The Leverhulme Trust (2017) Visiting Professorship – Professor Federico Subervi: Examining the Media in Latin America: The question of colonialism, post-colonialism and neo-colonialism in the news. ( Grant Reference: VP1-2017-044 ) ( UK£ 22,130 ) Co. I – AHRC (2016) – Development Assistance and independent journalism in Africa and Latin America: A cross-national and multidisciplinary research network. ( Grant Reference: AH/P00606X/1 ) ( UK£ 50,000 ) PI – HE Academy (2014). Teaching how to use and communicate statistics to journalism students: Statistics in Journalism Practice and Education: a cross-Atlantic comparison of best practices and approaches. ( UK£ 5,000 ) PI –Theodore C. Sorensen Fellowship from the John F. Kennedy Library (2013) – Media Coverage of the Programme Alliance for Progress. ( US$ 2,000 ) PI –Grant for Fellowship at the Department of New Media and Communication, National University of Singapore (2012). ( UK£ 2,000 ) PI –The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland - Copyright Violation and Creative Industries: The Case of Digital Piracy Networks on the Colombian-Venezuelan Border (2010). ( UK£ 2,500 ) CSAFEA (China State Administration of Foreign Experts’ Affairs) (2010). - Scholarship: China-UK Language and Culture Exchange Programme. ( UK£ 3,000 ) The Higher Education Academy, ADM - Teaching Science and Environment to Journalism and Media Students (2010). ( UK£ 5,000 ) AHRC (UK) - Collaborative Doctoral Awards - Poverty, Migration and the Media Campaigns in Scotland (2009). ( UK£ 50,000 ) The Nuffield Foundation (UK) - Uses and representations of statistics in new media coverage of crime (2009). ( UK£ 6,000 ) Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland Catholic. Church owned media and Public Service Broadcasting in Latin America (2007). ( UK£ 2,000 ) News Representations of Asylum Seekers in the Scottish Media and its Implications for Public Policy. TODA Institute (2006). ( UK£ 1,600 )
Monographs and co-authored books: Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2020). Foreign Aid and Journalism in the Global South. A Mouthpiece for Truth. London: Lexington Books. Martisini, Alessandro and Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2020). Statistics and the Quest for Quality Journalism. A Study in Quantitative Reporting. London: Anthem Press. Subervi, Federico; Rodríguez-Cotto, Sandra and, Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2020). The News Media in Puerto Rico. Journalism in Colonial Settings and in Times of Crises. Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Routledge. Lugo-Ocando, J. (2018). Crime Statistics in the News: Journalism, Numbers and Social Deviation. London: Palgrave. Harkins, Steven & Jairo Lugo-Ocando. (2017). Poor News. Media Discourses of Poverty in Times of Austerity. London: Rowman & Littlefield. Lugo-Ocando, J. and Nguyen, An (2017). Developing News: Global Journalism and the Coverage of 'Third World' Development. London: Routledge. Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2014). Blaming the Victim: How Global Journalism Fails those in Poverty. London: Pluto Press. Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2009). ICTs, Democracy and Development. VDM Verlag: Saarbrücken, Germany.,-democracy-and-development/isbn/978-3-639-14292-1 Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (1998). Información de Estado. Maracaibo: Vennet Editores, S.A./Editiones Corpozulia. Edited books: Orchard Rieiro, Maria Ximena, Sara García, Brambilla, Julieta and Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (Editors) (2020). Media & Governance in Latin America. Oxford: Peter Lang. Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (Editor) (2008). The Media in Latin America. Berkshire, UK: Open University Press. Journal Articles: Alaqil, Fisal and Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2021). Using statistics in business news in the Gulf: Between normative journalistic professional aspirations and 'real' practice. Journalism Practice. Requejo-Aleman, J. and Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2021). The CIPER and IDL-Reporteros' Content Strategy: consequences of changing platform from Facebook to Twitter. Brazilian Journalism Research Vol. 17, No 1, Alhuntushi, Abdullah and Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2020). Articulating statistics in science news in Arab newspapers: The cases of Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Journalism Practice (Accepted). Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad and Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2020). Mixed methods in the framework of educational innovation: systematic review of literature. Comunicar. Revista Científica de Comunicación y Educación. ISSN: 1134-3478 / e-ISSN: 1988-3293. Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2019). Lugo-Ocando, J. (2020). The ‘changing’ face of media discourses on poverty in the age of populism and anti-globalisation: The political appeal of anti-modernity and certainty in Brazil. International Communication Gazette, 82(1), 101-116. Alaqil, Fisal and Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2019). Challenges and opportunities for teaching data and statistics within journalism education in Saudi Arabia: fostering new capabilities in the region. Journalism Education. Vol. 8, No. 2, pp 57-66. Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2019). Poverty in the News Media: Continuities, Ruptures and Change. Reporting Socio-economic Inequality. Sociology Compass. de las Heras-Pedrosa, Carlos; Jambrino-Maldonado, Carmen; Iglesias-Sánchez, Patricia; Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2019). Importancia de las relaciones con los públicos en la reputación en un destino turístico inteligente. Propuesta de un modelo sostenible (Importance of public relations for the reputation in a Smart Tourist Destination. A proposal of a sustainable model). Revista Internacional de Relaciones Públicas. Vol 9, No 17, pp 117-138. de las Heras-Pedrosa, Carlos; Jambrino-Maldonado, Carmen; Iglesias-Sánchez, Patricia; Jairo Lugo-Ocando (2019). The United States Presidential Elections from the Point of View of the European Press. Norteamérica, Revista Académica del CISAN-UNAM. Vol 14, No 1, Pages 374-475. Book Chapters: Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2022). News reporting of poverty and inequality. In Allan, Stuart. Routledge Companion of News and Journalism, Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Routledge. Lugo-Ocando, Jairo and Martinisi, Alessandro (Forthcoming 2022). Lies, Damned Lies and Development: Why statistics and data can no longer confront Fake News in the Global South. In Wasserman, Herman and Madrid-Morales, Dani. Rumors, false news and disinformation in the Global South. Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley-Blackwell. Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (Forthcoming 2022). Comparative trends in the portrayal of poverty and inequality: All the News on Poverty Are Equal but most are less Equal than others. In Knowles, Sophie and Schifferes, Steve. Media and Inequality. Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Routledge. Lugo-Ocando, Jairo and Harkins, Steven (2022). Is the Objectivity Stupid! Why the Digital Revolution has meant so little for the voice of those in poverty in the Global South. In Milad, Noureddine. Global Media Ethics and the Digital Revolution: Contested Narratives and Conflicting Views. Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Routledge. Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2022). A Very Poor Watchdog: How the Political Economy of the Media continues to define the News Reporting of Inequality and Social Exclusion. In Borden, Sandra. Routledge Companion to Media and Poverty. Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Routledge. Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2021). Noticias, modernidad y discurso: Reflexiones para un nuevo modelo de periodismo latinoamericano. In Donot M, Serrano Y & Smouth E (Ed.) Medios y América Latina. Propiedad – Discurso – Recepción. Strasbourg: Presses Universitaires de Strasbourg. Pizarro, Marcela and Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2021). Digital dispatches from la Crónica Roja: Why Sensationalism and Crime still matters in the New Latin America Media Ecology. In Conboy, Martin and Eldridge, Scott (2021). Global Tabloid: Culture and Technology. Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Routledge. Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (2021). Changing Hegemony and Media Cesarism: Continuities and Changes in the News Media Landscape under the Chavismon. In Korin. Ezequiel P. Media Succumbs to Rising Authoritarianism: cautionary tales from Venezuela’s recent histor. Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Routledge. Lugo-Ocando, Jairo; Pizarro, Marcela; Brambilla, Julieta (2020). New Maquilas for old Powers? The (un)changing face of Latin America’s Media in the Post-Pink-Tide era. In Orchard Rieiro, Maria Ximena, Sara García, Brambilla, Julieta and Lugo-Ocando, Jairo (Editors) (Forthcoming, 2020). Media & Governance in Latin America. Oxford: Peter Lang. Lugo-Ocando and Andrade, Gabriel (2019). Selling the Lottery to earn salvation: Why journalism practice needs to embrace risk to achieve effective humanitarian communication. In Lawrence, Michael and Tavernor, Rachel. Global Humanitarianism and Media Culture. Manchester: Manchester University Press.
Journalism Theory and Practice | Statistics | Quantitative and | Qualitative Research Methods | Science Communication | Development Studies
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