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Dr. Ahmed Farouk Radwan Chair of Public Relations Department Academic RankAssociate Professor
Ahmed Farouk Radwan


  • Public Relations

Research Interests:

  • Public Relations and Reputation Management | Government Communication | Media Ethics | New media and Society


Ph.D. in Public Relations - Helwan University - Egypt
Ahmed Farouk Radwan is a faculty member at the department of public relations in the college of communication, the University of Sharjah in UAE. His scholarly and research interests include media ethics, digital media, public relations, government communication, corporate reputation, education, and sustainability. He published many studies in peer-reviewed scientific journals in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as contributed to local and international conferences. Ahmed holds a BA in Public Relations and Advertising from Cairo University, and Ph.D. from Helwan University, Egypt. He is a member of the academic committee of the international government communication forum.
Writing | Training | Consulting
Professional Associations: Egyptian advertising society Middle East Public Relations Association MEPRA The Saudi association for communication and media Egyptian Association for public relations Arab Association of Communication Sciences ECRA association Sharjah Press Club Editorial Board Member: The Arab journal for communication and media research, Alahram Canadian University Journal of social and humanities research, University of Sharjah Journal of media research and studies, Alshorouq Media Institute International Journal of Sustainable Society
Social and humanities research institute, University of Sharjah, Building and designing websites for government institutions in the Emirate of Sharjah, 2019-2020 ( 40,000 AED ) Sharjah media city (SHAMS), Digital transformation in UAE Media institutions: Implications for content production, professionalism and stakeholders’ engagement,2020-2021 ( 100,000 AED ) Sharjah government media bureau, the practice of public relations and government communication in government institutions in the United Arab Emirates,2021-2022 ( 100,000 AED )
Books: Radwan, A.F, (2010). Studies in public relations and advertising. Cairo, Dar Alalam Elaraby Publishing. Cairo, Dar Alalam Elaraby for Publishing Radwan, A.F, (2013). Special topics and cases in public relations. Cairo, Dar Alalam Elaraby Publishing Radwan, A.F, (2013). Marketing & Advertising Communication. UAE, Dar Alketab Algamey Publishing Ayad. K, & Radwan, A.F, (2013). Public Relations and Organizational Communication via Internet, Cairo, Aldar Almasrya Allebnanya Publishing Mohamed, M., Radwan, A.F, Albusmuit ,A. & and Almarzoky, Sh. (2017). Best Practices in Governmental Communication, Sharjah Government Media Bureau Ayish, M, Ayad, K, Radwan, A.F, and Alrobayan, S,2020, Government Communication: Theory and Practices, UAE, Sharjah Government Media Bureau Ayish, M., Ayad, K., Radwan, A.F Radwan, and Mousa Sh.,2021, Professional Guidelines and Ethics in Government Communication, UAE, Sharjah Government Media Office Journal Articles: Radwan, A.F, (2017). Audience perception for online government communication quality, Algerian journal for communication, 26,16-65 Radwan, A.F, & Alshawy A.(2017). The role of social marketing campaigns in raising SEWA clients awareness towards consumption, Arab journal for communication and media research, 16, 16-41 https://doi:10.21608/JKOM.2017.109247 Radwan, A.F, (2017). Government communication legal and ethical rules via social media in UAE. Arab journal for communication and media research,17, 26-39 https://doi: 10.21608/jkom.2017.108667 Radwan, A.F, & Mousa, Sh. (2020). Emirate national values reflected in official government accounts on Instagram, Arab Journal For Media and Communication.23,69-102 Radwan, A.F,Omar, A. (2019)Elements of building government websites: An experimental study, AlBahith Alalami,26,71-96 Radwan, A.F, (2020). Health communication during risk, Arab Journal For Media and Communication, 31, 4-13 Radwan, A.F. (2019).Participation and building national identity through e - government portal for Arab countries: A comparative study Arab Media and Society, 27 Snoussi, T., & Radwan, AF (2020). Distance E-Learning (DEL) and Communication Studies During Covid-19 Pandemic. Latin American Utopia and Praxis , 25 (1), 253-270. Snoussi, T., Habib, B,B., Radwan, AF & Gaidi, M.(2020). Social media for learning: perceptions and behaviors, Periodicals of Engineering and Natural Sciences (PEN), (8)4, 2195-2207 Radwan, A.F, & Mousa, Sh. (2020). (2020). Government communication strategies during coronavirus pandemic: United Arab Emirates Lessons, Journal of Health Management, 22(4) 516 –527 Snoussi, T., Habib, B,B., Radwan, AF & Mousa,Sh.(2020) (2020) Knowledge, understanding, and adherence to Social Media regulations by youth in the United Arab Emirates, Arab Media & Society 30 Radwan, A.F. and Khalil, E.M.A.S. (2021), "Knowledge, attitude and practice toward sustainability among university students in UAE", International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 22(5). 964-981 Radwan, A.F, & Mousa, Sh., Mohamed,M., & Mohamed E., (2021). Impact of Social Media Influencer Marketing On Youth Purchase Intentions in UAE, Journal of media watch, 12(2). ISSN 0976-0911 | E-ISSN 2249-8818 https://doi. 10.15655/mw/2021/v12i3/165405 Al-Jallad M., & (2021) Exploring social media fatigue among youth in the United Arab Emirates, Journal of Print and Media Technology research, (10) 3 , 163–178 Book Chapters: Khayrat Ayad and Ahmed Farouk (2014) Egypt , in Tom Watson “Middle Eastern and African Perspectives on The Development of Public Relations Other Voices , UK , Palgrave Pivot.
Abeer Alshawy (2016) The role of social marketing in rationalization of consumption awareness: A Study on Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority, College of communication , University of Sharjah Aysha Alswedy, (2017) Using Governmental organizations websites in Sharjah , College of communication , University of Sharjah. Noor Alool , (2017) Youth Dependency on social networks as a source of news and information , College of communication , University of Sharjah.
Best thesis in Helwan University from 1999 to 2003. Best paper award from the 3rd Middle East Public Relations Conference , Zayed University , Dubai , November 3-4,2013 Best Paper Award (Professor Magy Halwani’s Award), Faculty of Mass Communication’s 12th conference (Media and Modernizing Arab Communities), Cairo University, 2006.
I teach public relations and communication , in order to give the student the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to work in public relations departments. I apply educational methods that enable me to achieve my goals and depend on educational technology in my courses. I measure learning outcomes through multiple tools. Taking into account individual differences among students, the cultural context of society, and the needs of the labor market.
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