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Master of Arts in Communication

College of Communication
Study System
Thesis and Courses
Total Credit Hours
33 Cr.Hrs
2-4 Years
Fall & Spring
Sharjah Main Campus
Study Mode
Full Time and Part Time

Master of Arts in Communication


The Master in Communication program seeks to prepare a generation of UAE and Arab students for the challenges of contemporary mass communication theory and practice through advanced study leading to a Master Degree in Communication.

Program Objectives
The Master in Communication Program seeks to achieve the following objectives:
• To provide students with diverse theoretical perspectives on communication.
• To enable students to engage in discussions relating to contemporary cultural, social and ethical media issues from Arab-Islamic and international perspectives.
• To build up UAE national capabilities in media scholarship and practical research.
• To foster long-term collaborative relations with the UAE community.
• To prepare students for Ph.D. studies in communication at internationally recognized universities.
• To transform the University into a center of excellence and expertise in the area of communication

Candidates joining the Master in Communication are expected to successfully complete 33 credit hours of course and thesis work in a period ranging from four to eight semesters. The program consists of compulsory courses (15 credits), elective courses (9 credits) and a thesis (9 credits).
The 33 Credit are distributed as follows:

Requirements Credits
Compulsory / Core Courses 15
Elective Courses 9
Total 33

For candidates with no communication undergraduate degree, additional deficiency courses are required. Students may select their thesis topic in broadcasting, journalism, public relations or new media technologies. English is the medium of instruction in all courses.
Program Requirements (Compulsory) 24 Cr

Course # Course Title
Credit Hours
0800510 Seminar in Mass Media and Society 3 1
0800521 Advanced Communication Theories 3 1
0800522 Advanced Research Methods 3 2
0800531 Seminar in Media Management 3 2
0800532 Seminar in Communication Technologies 3 1
0800590 Master Thesis 9  
Program Requirements (Elective) Select 3 Cr
Course #
Course Title Credit Hours Semester
0801513 Seminar in Journalism 3
0802514 Seminar in Broadcasting 3 2
0803515 Seminar in Public Relations 3 1

Program Requirements (Elective) Select 3 Cr
Course #
Course Title Credit Hours Semester
0800513 Seminar in Media Ethics 3 1
0800517 Seminar in Media and Social Change 3 2
0800544 Arab Media 3 1

Program Requirements (Elective) Select 3 Cr
Course #
Course Title Credit Hours Semester
0800518 Political Communication 3 1
0800546 Cross-cultural Communication 3 2
0800547 International Communication 3 1

Special Admission Requirements
To check admission requirements, Click Here

Course Description

Compulsory Courses (24 Credits):

0800510 Seminar in Mass Media and Society  3
An overview of historical development of human communication.  The rise of media organizations as powerful institutions.  Characteristics of print media and the publishing industries.  Radio and television broadcasting characteristics.  Social, political, cultural and economic functions of mass media in different societies.  Evolving media technologies and their implications.  Media ethics and laws.  Arab and international media systems.  Case studies. ​


0800521 Advanced Communication Theories 3
An examination of mass communication theories and analytical perspectives. The rise of media of mass communication: concepts and models. Theory of media and theory of society. Theoretical traditions on media effects. Critical approaches to media performance. Evolving non-Western perspectives on media and society. Case studies. ​ ​


0800522    Advanced Communication Research Methods 3
Scientific reasoning and theorization in communication.  Empirical and critical research traditions.  Developing research ideas and questions.  Empirical research design and variable identification. Survey research, content analysis and experimentation.  Use of basic statistical tools in data analysis.  Critical analysis traditions. Internet-based research. (Prerequisite 0800521) ​ ​


0800531 Seminar in Media Management 3
Management traditions in the media sector. Management of public and private media institutions. The media management process. Media management in the age of globalization. Comparative media management. Cases studies. ​ ​


0800532     Seminar in Communication Technologies  3
A review of historical trends of communication technology development. Analog and digital technology systems. Communication technology convergence.  Publishing, broadcast and interactive technologies. Social and cultural implications of communication technologies. Privacy, freedom and national identity. Theoretical perspectives on communication technologies. Future prospects. Case studies. ​ ​


0800590  Master Thesis  9
Prerequisite: Completion of at least 12 credits. The student has to undertake and complete a research topic under the supervision of a faculty member. The thesis work should provide the student with an in - depth understanding of a research problem in communication. It is expected that the student, under the guidance of the supervisor, will be able to carry out his/her research fairly independently. The student is required to submit a final thesis documenting his / her research and defend his / her work in front of a committee. ​ ​

 Elective Courses:

The student must select one course from each group of the following three groups:

A. Group A (Any course from the following - each is 3 Credits):

0801513 Seminar in Journalism  3
History of journalism around the world. Enduring journalism issues. Comparative press systems. The development of journalism as a profession. Journalism in the age of globalization.  Future journalism challenges and trends. ​ ​


0802514 Seminar in Broadcasting  3
History of radio and television broadcasting. Broadcasting systems around the world. Development of Arab World broadcasting. Broadcasting in the age of globalization. Broadcasting issues and challenges. Case studies. ​ ​


0803515  Seminar in Public Relations   3
History of public relations. Conceptual frameworks on public relations. Development of public relations in the age of globalization. Enduring issues in public relations. Public relations in the Arab World. Future trends in public relations. Case studies. ​ ​


B. Group B (Any course from the following - each is 3 Credits):

0800513  Seminar in Media Ethics  3
An overview of ethical dilemmas in comparative media systems with emphasis on Arab-Islamic moral underpinnings of media practices. Discussion of moral dimensions of issues arising in the practice of journalism, advertising, and public relations.  Critical review of regional and international media codes of ethics. ​ ​



0800517  Seminar in Media and Social Change 3
The role of communication in fostering national development and change. Early and current conceptions of development. Evolving paradigms of media role in social change. The use of media and interpersonal communication networks to promote innovative ideas, services, and technologies in multiple geopolitical and socioeconomic contexts. Communication strategies and social change in developing nations. An interdisciplinary approach to the study of communication and social change. Case studies ​ ​


0800544  Arab Media 3
Historical development of Arab media. Theoretical frameworks for understanding Arab media systems. Enduring issues in Arab media. Arab media challenges in the age of globalization. Future trends in Arab media development. Case studies. ​ ​


C. Group C (Any course from the following – each is 3 Credits):

0800518  Political Communication 3
An analysis of the relationship between mass media and political decision-making. Media functions in different political systems. Media role in public opinion formation. Media as tools of public diplomacy. National and international case studies. ​ ​


0800546  Cross-Cultural Communication  3
Critical perspectives on current theory and research in intercultural communication. Emerging scholarship in cultural studies, critical theory, and multiculturalism. Scholarship from a communication-as-discourse oriented perspective.  The concept of culture and the notion of worldview.  Language as a tool of cultural expression and interaction.  Cultural clash and reconciliation. Mass media as tools of communication across cultures. Case studies. ​ ​


0800547 International Communication 3
An analysis of the development, structure, functions and current environment of international communication. Comparative world media systems.  Evolving perspectives on international communication. Communication in the age of globalization. Potential effects of new digital technologies on global information flows. Media functions in a changing international environment. ​ ​