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Lamha International Competition for photography

Within the events and activities of the University of Sharjah, “Lamha” international Competition; one of the biggest competitions in the field of photography in the World. Will be held. Under the supervision of the College of Communication and in collaboration with the international company 
“Nikon” and sponsored by “Grand Stores”.
1. The participant must be a student in university. 
2. The Photo must be featured in high resolution and characterized by creativity and professionalism.
3. Using “Photoshop” is allowed to edit only 20% of the image resolution.
4. The image must reflect either a Humanitarian, social or aesthetic reality. 
5. Colored works or Black and White Works are both accepted. 
6. Each participant has the right to participate with four photos only.
The deadline for submitting the projects is on the :  30/02/2019