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Dr. Nadia Farhat Director of MSR Academic RankAssistant Professor


  • Ph.D. Education, Univ. Of Leicester, 2008

Research Interests:

  • IT in education


Doctor of Education July- 2009 Doctorate Strand Management/Education Doctorate Topic: “The Impact of IT on Teaching and learning in High schools in the UAE”. Ph.D. Education, Univ. Of Leicester, 2008 Masters in Business Administration 1997 Lebanese American University- Bierut, Lebanon B.S. in Business Administartion 1968 American University of Beirut, Beirut,Lebanon
• Director of Enrollment Management and Academic Guidance 2008-till current • Senior lecturer / MIS department University of sharjah 1999-till current • Vice president InformationTechnology Middle east Airlines 1971-1998 • Lecturer (CCE Dept. College of Engineering) American University of Beirut 1991-1998
• Member Of the Lebanese Management Association-Lebanon • Member of the IATA Information Management Committee 1997-1998 • Chair Person of AACO ( Arab Air Carrier Organization) for the Information Technology Committee. 1998-1999
• Effective Learning Outcomes assessment: The case of the MIS department at the University of Sharjah.International Journal of Teaching & case studies (IJRS) submission code:IJTCS-16464 ;2008 • Towards and effective MIS Learning Outcomes assessment/ CPLA( Regional Conference on Program and Learning Assessment)/ Beirut/6-7 November 2009 • Journal of Marketing Channels, Vol. 13(1) 2005- “Logistics Outsourcing in the United Arab Emirates: Evidence and managerial Implications”.P. 21, www.haworth • The Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge. Volume 7/No.2 September 2005. “ the MIS Expectation Gap in the UAE: Industry Expectations Versus Academic Preparation”. P.78, (ISSN 1540-1200)
Supervising students’ projects for the school of Creative Science. Sharjah. Student’s of the creative science school 22/09/2007 Organizing the schedule for a group of students in M5 to supervise the Labs Due to the resignation of the Lab supervisor. (for the spring semester). College of Business Administration Spring Semester 2007-2008 Business Association Election and supervision College of Business Administration Nov. 2008 ملتقى الجاليات UOS 25-03-2011
• The University of Sharjah Excellence Award of the Year for community Service. Academic year 2002-2003. • Certificates of Appreciation for the extraordinary contribution to the practical training program and Seminars in CV writing and career selection /interviewing for the years-2002-2003/2003-2004/2004-2005/2005-2006/2006-2007/2010-2014. • More than fifty awards from schools on excellence in advising
Community Service I participated in public lectures and seminars & organizing workshops. Consultancy or expert services Field Trips
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