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Chair's Welcome

It is my pleasure, and on behalf of the entire Department of Information Systems (IS), to welcome you to the Website of the IS Department at the College of Computing and Informatics at the University of Sharjah. The department of Information Systems offers a B.Sc. degree in Business Information Systems (BIS). The BIS major integrates the study of information technology (IT) with the study of business to equip students with a solid foundation in business and management to prepare them as IT professionals responsible for developing and managing business information systems. Career opportunities in this exciting and dynamic field include positions as information systems analysts, business analysts, database developers, database administrators, website developers, and project manager among others. The BIS discipline brings together the various business areas of information technology and quantitative analytical techniques. This program provides the theory and methodology to analyze, design, implement and manage an organization's information technology and systems.

The Department of Information Systems is keenly aware of the technological developments and dynamic changes that characterize today's world. These changes pose significant challenges for BIS graduates. Our program helps our students keep abreast of the latest IT developments and market changes. To maintain the currency of its program, through a process of continuous development, the department has recently updated its degree program by including within its curriculum a heavy dose of practice-driven components.

Dr. Mohamed Abdalla Nour

Chair of IS Department