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Prof.Madjid Merabti Academic RankProfessor
Madjid Merabti


  • Computer Science

Research Interests:

  • Computer Networks (fixed and wireless), Internet of Things (IoT), Computer Network Security, Digital Forensics, Multimedia Systems, Games Technology, Critical Infrastructure Protection (e.g. Smart Cities), Human Digital Memories and their applications


BSc (Liverpool), M.A. (Lancaster), PhD (Lancaster)
University College London, UK (1985-1987) Lancaster University, UK (1987-1990) Liverpool John Moores University, UK (1990 -2014) (Dean School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences: 2002-2014) Director of PROTECT Research Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection (2011- 2015) University of Sharjah 2014-2019 (Dean of the College of Sciences).
Elected Member of Peer College of the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) (2000-2014). Associate Technical Editor for IEEE Communications Magazine Consumer Communications and Networking Series (2005-2019) Associate Editor IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (2004-2208). Elsevier Computer Communications Journal (1996 – 2012) Chair IEEE Multimedia Communications Committee (2008 – 2012) UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Computing Subject reviewer (2001-2004)
I was PI for the following externally funded competitive EU wide collaborative projects (funded by the European Commission): 2010 – 2014 EU 700000 Euros FP7 ANIKETOS (17 partners, 10 different EU countries) to develop research into Novel Secure Systems 2012 – 2014 EU 161000 Euros – ECENTRE: Cybercrime Centre of Excellence Network for training, research, and Education (6 EU partners). 2015 – 2018 EU 2,104,948 Euros, FP7 – WI 5 (what to do with the WIFI Wild West). Project involved 4 EU countries and 5 Partners. I was the coordinator.
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I have Graduated 36 PhD Students (from 12 different countries) I have Examined 45 PhD theses in UK, Italy, France, Spain, Finland, Ireland, and Australia.
2 patents on Security and Computer Forensic
Elected Member of the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Peer College (2000-2014). Honorary Professorship Universidad Dr Antenor Orrego, Peru IEEE Distinguished Lecturer (2011-2013) Elected Chair of IEEE COMSOC – Home Networking Committee (2010-2013) Research Grants Reviewer for the following Countries National Research Councils: UK, Canada, Switzerland, Algeria, France, Netherlands, and Qatar. ICT Advisory Panel Member for North-West Government Office, UK (2000 – 2006) University Policy and IT Research Strategy Advisor to Rector, Cape Town Technikon, South Africa, July/August 2000. Consultant to Chung Hwa Telecom on New Technology, Taiwan (2003—2005) Keynote Speaker UK’18 “Internet of Things (IoT): Safety and Security in Digital Life Memories”, International Conference on Big Data in Cyber Security, Edinburgh, UK, May 31 - 2 June, 2018. Jordan’17 “21st Century Smart Cities: The Challenges for Sustainability, Security, and Privacy”, IEEE IT-DREPS 2017, Amman, Jordan, December 6-8, 2017. UK’15 “The Challenge of cascading effects of cyber-attacks in a network of critical infrastructures “, 14th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security ECCWS-2015, Hatfield, UK, 2-3 July 2015. Indonesia’14 “ ICT in Sustainable Development“, 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Technology and Development, Bali, Indonesia, October 2014 Cyprus’14 “Three Decades of Ubiquitous Computing Development: Opportunities and New Challenges”, WIMOB 2014 - 10th IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications”, 8-10 October 2014, Larnaca, Cyprus.
Quinquennial Review of: Heriot Watt University, Computer Science Department, UK - January 2018 University of Rijeka, Croatia, March 2015 Buckingham University, School of Science and Technology, April 2012. Brunel University, School of Engineering, March 2010.
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