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Dr.Bassel Soudan Academic RankAssociate Professor


  • Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA, 1994.

Research Interests:

  • Electronic Design Automation , VLSI Design , Signal Integrity , On,chip Interconnect , Embedded Systems , Information Security


- Ph.D. Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL. USA - 1994 - M.Sc Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL. USA - 1988 - B.Sc. University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL. USA - 1986
- Sep 2019-Present, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Engineering, College of Computing and Informatics, UOS, UAE. - June 2014 – September 2018 : Chairman, Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering Program - January 2011 – Present : Associate Professor – Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering - March 2010 – September 2013 : Director, Center of Continuing Education and Professional Development - September 1999 – November 2000 – Chairman – Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering - September 1999 – January 2011 – Assistant Professor – Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering - October 1996 – September 1999 – Senior Design Engineer – Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA. USA - October 1994 – October 1996 – Senior CAD Engineer – Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR. USA.
- Academic Program Accreditation Consultant - Featured Speaker at UOS TeDX in April 2014 - Developed and delivered training courses on: 1- IT Service Management under the ITIL v3 Foundation standard 2- IT Project Management 3- Stress and Time Management 4- and Information Security.
- Senior Member – IEEE - Member – IEEE Computer Society - Member – IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CAS) - Member – ACM - Member – ACM Architecture Special Interest Group (SIGARCH) - Member – ACM Design Automation Special Interest Group (SIGDA) Member – the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society’s VLSI Applications Technical Committee Member – the IEEE ICECS Conference International Steering Committee
1. IOT Utilization in the Management and Control of Renewable Energy Systems Investigating the use of IOT technologies and systems for the management and control of RE Systems. Especially off-grid generation systems with human-access limitations. 2. Optimization of Renewable Energy Systems Utilizing my background in Electrical Engineering, I am currently involved in a number of research initiatives related to optimization of Renewable Energy Systems. 3. Optimization of Bioinformatics Algorithms The field of Bioinformatics is growing rapidly as the data-size is growing at a rate faster than Moore’s law. This has made algorithms used in this field a bottleneck in the process of analysis. In this research, we are investigating methods to optimize the operation and application of these algorithms to regain part of the computational complexity. 4. A system for protecting IP rights in FPGA design. To maintain a cost advantage, fab-less design houses depend heavily on licensing ready-made intellectual property (IP) and integrating it into their designs. However, once the IP is licensed, the IP provider practically loses control of the number and type of instantiations made of the IP. This project aims to develop a secure mechanism and licensing model for protecting against IP over-deployment. The technique is based on developing an Electronic-DNA mechanism that can be integrated into the FPGA chips to ensure complete infallible traceability and matching between IP design and target devices.
Book Chapters [BC1] Soudan, B., Adi, W., and Hanoun, A.R., (2015) “IP Protection of FPGA Cores through a Novel Public/Secret-key Encryption Mechanism,” Book Chapter, Secure System Design and Trustable Computing, edited by Chip-Hong Chang, Miodrag Potkonjak, Published by: Springer, ISBN: 9783319149714, pp. 369 – 390. [BC2] Saad, M., and Soudan, B., (2012) “Program Review: Computer Engineering At The University Of Sharjah Case Study,” Book Chapter, Engineering Education in the 21st Century, Quality, Globalization and Local Relevance, Published by: College of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Sharjah, pp. 329 – 337. Journal Papers [JP1] Olabi, A.G., Mahmoud, M., Soudan, B., Wilberforce, T., and Ramadan, M., (2019). Geothermal Based Hybrid Energy Systems, Toward Eco-Friendly Energy Approaches. Renewable Energy. In press. [JP2] Soudan, B., (2019) Community-Scale Baseload Generation from Marine Energy. Energy. September 2019. Vol. 189. [JP3] Al Shaabi, M., Hatamleh, K. S., Godsden, S. A., Soudan, B., and El-Nady, A., (2019) “Robust nonlinear control and estimation of an PRRR Robot System,” International Journal of Robotics and Automation. January 2019. [JP4] Alami, A. H., Aokal, K., Zhang, D., Taieb, A., Faraj, M., Alhammadi, A., Soudan, B., Elhajjar, J., Irimia-Vladu, M., (2019) “Low-Cost Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using BallMilled Tellurium-Doped Graphene for Counter Electrode and a Natural Sensitizer Dye,” International Journal of Energy Research. [JP5] Abidoye, L. K., Bani-Hani, E., El Haj Assad, M., AlShabi, M., Soudan, B., Oriaje, A.T., (2019) “Effects of Environmental and Turbine Parameters on Energy Gains from Wind Farm System: Artificial Neural Network Simulations,” Wind Engineering. [JP6] Wilberforce, T., El Hassan, Z., Durrant, A., Thompson, J., Soudan, B., & Olabi, A. G. (2019). Overview of ocean power technology. Energy (175). 15 May 2019. pp. 165 – 181. [JP7] Willberforce, T., Barghouti, A., El Hassan Z., Thompson, J., Soudan, B., and Olabi A.G., (2019). Prospects and challenges of concentrated solar photovoltaics and enhanced geothermal energy technologies. Science of the Total Environment (659). 1 April 2019, 99. 851 – 861. [JP8] Wilberforce, T., Baroutaji, A., Soudan, B., Al-Alami, A.H., Olabi, A.G., (2019) “Outlook of Carbon Capture Technology and Challenges,” Science of the Total Environment (657), 20 March 2019, pp. 56 - 72. [JP9] Al-Alami, A.H., Okal, K., Zhang, D., and Soudan, B., (2018) “Bulk Turbostatic Graphene Deposition on Aluminum Substrates via High-pressure Graphite Blasting,” Applied Nanoscience (8:8), 1 November 2018. pp. 1943-1950, [JP10] Abdelkareem, M.A., Assad, M. E. H., Sayed, E.T., and Soudan, B., (2018) “Recent progress in the use of renewable energy sources to power water desalination plants,” Desalination, (435), 1 June 2018. pp. 97 – 113. [JP11] Bonny, T., and Soudan, B., (2105) “High Speed Database Sequence Comparison,” Procedia – Computer Science. Vol. 62, pp. 73 – 80. [JP12] Tabbaa, H., and Soudan, B., (2015) “Computer-Aided Training for Quranic Recitation,” Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences. Vol. 192, pp. 778 – 787. [JP13] Soudan, B., (2011) “Semi-Random Net Reordering for Reducing Timing Variations and Improving Signal Integrity,” Microelectronics Journal, Vol. 42, No. 2, February 2011, pp. 483 – 500. Conference Papers [CP1] Soudan, B., and Darya, A., “Smart Switching Strategy for Hybrid PV-Diesel Power System Predicated on Cloud Shading Forecast”. 12th International Conference on Sustainable Energy & Environmental Protection (SEEP 2019), Sharjah, November 2019. Accepted for presentation. [CP2] Darya, A., Rehman, J., Aldawoud, O., and Soudan, B., “ICAD - An Economical Indoor & Outdoor Delivery Vehicle Capable of Autonomous Navigation,” Internet of Things, Mechatronics and their Applications International Conference (IoTMA), Dubai, 26-28 March 2019. [CP3] Bonny, T., and Soudan, B., “Computation Time Reduction for Database Sequencing Applications,” International Symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic (ISMVL 2015), Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, May 18-20, 2015. [CP4] Bonny, T., and Soudan, B., “High Speed Database Sequence Comparison,” International Conference on Soft Computing and Software Engineering [SCSE'15], Berkeley, California, USA, March 6-7, 2015. [CP5] Bonny, T., and Soudan, B., “Filtering Technique for High Speed Database Sequence Comparison,” IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC 2015), Anaheim, California, USA, February 7-9, 2015, pp. 73 – 76.
MSc Thesis: - Computer-Aided Quranic Recitation Error Detection Selected Senior Design Projects: - Security and Surveillance Robot - Infra-Red Camera Based Driver Assistant for Foggy Conditions - Infra-Red/Ultra-Sound Based Portable Smart Board - Frustrated Total Internal Reflection Based Multi-Touch Display - Autonomous Fire-Fighting Robot - VLSI Design and Implementation of a simple 16-bit ALU
- Included in the Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 2006-2007 - Recipient of the University of Sharjah Excellence in Teaching Bonus Award, 2010. - Outstanding Teacher Award. The University of Sharjah, 2004 - Outstanding Teacher Award. The University of Sharjah, 2007. - D2000 Award for Technology Sharing. Intel Corporation - Departmental Recognition Award for a breakthrough design error checking and tracking system. Merced Horizontal Engineering Team. Intel Corporation. - Departmental Recognition Award for user support. Merced Horizontal Engineering Team. Intel Corporation. - Intel University Recognition Award (1997, 1998, and 1999). Intel University. Intel Corporation.
- Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on VLSI Journal, 2003 – 2005. - Member of Editorial Board, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communications Engineering. - Coordinator, Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering Program – 6/2014 - present - Director, Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development - April 2010 – September 2013. - Chairman, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering – 9/1999 – 11/2000. - Reviewer for the following journals: 1- IEEE Transactions on VLSI 2- IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of VLSI Circuits 3- IET Circuits 4- International Journal of Service Learning in Engineering 5- Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers 6- Microelectronics Journal - On the board of the following international conferences: ICECS / SE / ISCAS / DAC / IIT / AICCSA / ICM / ICTTA
- “Train in the process of knowledge acquisition” In my experience, the process is quite often more important than the results. When students become engineers, they will need a set of basic knowledge and the knowledge of where to locate additional resources. It is more essential to know what an equation means, how to use it and where to find it, than to have the equation memorized. - “When students feel comfortable to ask, they feel comfortable to learn” My belief is that I am there to impart knowledge, be it the specific topic I am lecturing about or a tangentially related topic, it is knowledge that the student feels he/she needs. Quite often, what the student asks serves as an excellent segue into a theory-to-application or ideal-to-reality correlation point. - “Practical and global” From my experience I found that many fresh graduates do not comprehend the concept of a “window of opportunity” and do not understand the effects of finance and marketing on an engineering project. I have learned, and have been able to deliver, the fact that perfection is prohibitively expensive and therefore one must define the point of “good enough” very early in the lifetime of a design. I have actually taught students to implement that concept while they are answering exam questions.
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